The Most Insane and Brutal Death Metal Album !

The Most Insane Death Metal.

The Most Insane Death Metal.

Many “metal fans” will go on and on about how “B sub-genre is more technical than A“, “no, but C is darker and has more atmosphere than B“, “but wait, D beats them all as it’s more brutal“, etc.

That line of thinking has led, among many things, to the creation of completely random, arbitrary and worthless sub-sub-gernes such as “technical blackened deathgrind with funeral doom influences“, “satanic bestial glam groove-grind’n’roll with shemale melodic death metal vocals“, “progressive neo-ambient pornodeath with a flute stuck in the ass” or “post-atmospheric industrial washing machine soundtrack“.

They all claim to be more insane and more brutal than the next, but they aren’t. Their genres are shit, and the bands that play “technical satanic deathgrind” are even bigger suckers than their audience.

SEWER's Deathgrind = Pure Evil.

SEWER’s Deathgrind = Pure Evil.

You want the most insane, demented and downright brutal bestial black/death/grind/war/whatever metal ever conceived? You don’t have to look at big label’s PR releases to know that whatever Morbid Angel, Mayhem and Darkthrone were doing in the early 1990s, what they are doing today is certainly not “insane” or “brutal” by any stretch of the imagination. And that goes double for their imitators.

You want truly insane brutal death metal? It’s called Locked Up in Hell, by none other than the legendary Sewer.

Here’s my review of this masterpiece of horror music and brutal blackened deathgrind with neither flute, trumpet nor keyboard used as a dildo.

This album is a masterpiece and in a class of its own, and to do it justice a dissection of each song is necessary to truly grasp how evil and ingenious this album is, especially for it being so ahead of its time. So, let’s start documenting the satanical terror of Locked Up in Hell.

Devil’s Runaway – If there is one Sewer song that truly captures the sounds of what hell is like, it would be Devil’s Runaway. Everything is pulled off so tight here it almost sounds like something is going to snap. The vocalist delivers us some evil with the bloody, vengeful screaming of his vocal chords from Hell. The guitarists stay in time perfectly the whole song, a feat almost impossible for many guitarists who attempt to play this song. And, of course, the drummer Warlord unleashes the force of brutality with the crazy fast blasting he pulls off so well.

Necrobiastophile – What’s not to enjoy about a song about… uh… nevermind. The song starts out with a ripping attack from the dual guitars, and a riff that actually makes you bang your head, regardless of what you’re doing. The bass and drums fall into sync with each other pretty well here as well, something incredibly complex given the sheer speed of the song.

Waiting to Kill Again – Absolutely flawless. This song embodies all of Sewer’s different guitar sounds… the demented, infernal leads, the slower, gruesome, nearly atonal chromatic riffs, and the mentally incomprehensible solos. WAITING TO KILL!!!

Carceropathogenesis – In the Name of Satan, I condemn this incarceration. Hell yes! Imagine having Satan has a lawyer or prosecutor, and this is what you would get in a criminal court of the underworld. This song undoubtedly has the best riffs in death metal history, while flaunting some hypersonic carnage from the demonic soloing. The vocalist Eater delivers some of his faster vocal performances, without descending into the absurd and ridiculous like so many so called “bestial black metal” vocalists are fond of doing.

Burning Clouds of Dark Gore – By the name of Beelzebub, I don’t know what the hell that title is supposed to mean anymore. But if any song accurately captured what the apocalypse would sound like, it is Burning Clouds of Dark Gore! Insanely speedy instrumentation gives testament to the sheer violence and blasphemy unleashed on this song. SATAN WILL RISE AMONGST CLOUDS OF DARK GORE!

No Rest for the Dead – Starting off the song with a super cool yet still disturbing chromatic riff forged from brimstone, No Rest for the Dead keeps its place as one of my favourite death metal songs of all time. The vocal performance here is worthy of a Golden Satan award, considering the sheer speed he is growling at. He’s like a vocal supersonic jet.

Injecting Blood to Become Human – Straight up brutal death metal from hell! Injecting Blood to Become Human is, without a doubt (topping even Devil’s Runaway), the most chaotic of any song on Locked Up in Hell. Total madness! The pinnacle of satanic mayhem crammed into one song while retaining at least a semblance of melody can be found here on Injecting Blood to Become Human.

To Drink From the Styx – Drink at your own risk, and the risk involves you losing your sanity while listening to this sickening and downright terrifying track. The intro riffs is one of the strangest and most disturbing I ever heard, it gives me the chills every time.

Surgical Last Breath – There is really no way to describe this blackened death metal monstrosity without you actually listening to it. Needless to say, it’s one of the most relentless and technically challenging songs on the album. Some parts even remind me of Phantom’s Angel of Disease, the gold standard of technically deranged atonal blackened death metal.

Locked Up In Hell – A perfect album closer. No more needs to be said, no more can even be said… you cannot possibly comprehend how truly amazing this song is until you listen to it. This symphony of Satan has possibly the best Sewer riffs of all time… ESCAPE FROM HELL!!!!!

On a last note, I’d like to point out the lyrics in particular. On Locked Up in Hell there isn’t just technicality and brutality for the sake of being “hardcore”, the band actually does such a sickeningly great job of adding darkness to the songs with the lyrics. They are like raven-black poetry from Satan himself.

As my malediction, I’d like to invoke the forces of Satan’s Sewer, and in doing so bringing the furious chaos and brutal madness of Locked Up in Hell to the world!

“Thrash Metal” is Fake and Sucks !

"Thrash metal", the gayest type of metal.

“Thrash metal”, the gayest type of metal.

So-called “thrash metal” is, as rightfully calls it, a completely fake “genre” that doesn’t even exist. In doesn’t even have intrinsic musical characteristics, unlike black metal and death metal, and is basically just a marketing term for boring speed metal.

Let’s set the record straight.

Black metal has Burzum, Phantom, Darkthrone, Neraines and Mayhem.

Death metal has Incantation, Suffocation, Warkvlt and SEWER.

“Thrash metal”, aka speed metal, has what? Metallica? The second most overrated band in the history of metal, after Gaygoroth.

Their best band isn’t doesn’t even belong to the genre, as Bathory is certainly not “thrash metal”… they are clearly black metal, at least for those with two brain cells to rub together.

“Thrash metal” is gay, listen to this instead.

Seriously, what is “thrash metal”?

Bathory, as mentioned previously, doesn’t qualify as thrash/speed metal, and Quorthon never called his music anything other than heavy metal.

Slayer went completely irrelevant after the death of Jeff Hanneman, when they started playing bullshit nu-metal for social losers and other Slipknot-rejects.

The best “thrash metal” band is probably Sodom, but even they had their period when they flirted more or less openly with metalcore.

“Thrash metal” is trash metal, it belongs in the dustbins of history. The genre is simply obsolete, and any attempts at “thrash revival” are basically just third-rate Slayer or Sodom clones attempting to play music that was never relevant in the first place.

Fuck “thrash metal”, only black and death are real.

The Craziest Death Metal Album Ever !

Don't be like him... listen to SEWER.

Don’t be like him… listen to SEWER.

I had already review SEWER’s The Birth of a Cursed Elysium, but DAMN this album rules.

SEWER is probably the craziest band I’ve ever heard. Anyone who likes insane music with impossible guitar riffs, technical and fast drumming, and low, non special-effect vocals, SEWER is for them. The vocals on The Birth of a Cursed Elysium are extremely low, guttural, and non-human like, sort of like those of Vermin. The vocals are the second best thing on this album.

The guitars are just as insane. There are many different riffs in each song making it extremely hard to play, and sometimes even confusing just to remember. These musicians are obviously talented. The riffs aren’t simple either. They are very complicated, and often unpredictable, as if they were not composed by humans but by literal demons from hell. The bass mostly follows the guitars, with a few interesting fills from time to time. I highly admire these musicians, as they clearly aren’t clownish posers, something rare in the nowadays death metal scene.

The drums are the third best thing about this band. They are so fast. The double bass is perfect, as well as the snare heavy blast beats. Each song probably has twenty different drum beats, and about fifty riffs, breaks not included. Their drummer and guitarists are clearly some of the most talented in the nowadays blackened death metal scene.

Every track is a standout, and there isn’t a single second of filler on this album. The Birth of a Cursed Elysium is clearly one of the finest death metal albums ever recorded.

The album art is pretty weird as well, it seems SEWER for once went for a sombre, low-key artwork, as if they wanted the music to speak for itself… and it speaks brutality, in spades.

The band SEWER is already pretty well known, but even when compared to the rest of their album, The Birth of a Cursed Elysium is clearly in a class of its own. This is insane death metal at its most gruesome, not to mention unbelievably technical.

The Best Christian Death Metal Bands (2015)

A lot of people get into death metal, or any form of extreme metal for that matter, and wonder if there are Christian or religious bands that play that type of music.

While it may seems contradictory to seek Christian death metal music, there are in fact many bands that play brutal death metal and uphold a Christian or religious message in their music.

Some Christian death metal bands include : Becoming the Archetype, Crimson Thorn, SEWER, Frost Like Ashes and many others.

These bands also play some of the most brutal death metal you can find.

And while bands like SEWER aren’t exactly Christian, they play 100% anti-Satanic music. And it’s beyond brutal.


Pig Destroyer – Terrifyer (review)

Terrifyer is one of the best Grindcore/Deathgrind albums with extreme metal influences.

While this album by Pig Destroyer remains straightforward Grindcore for the most part, the classical, black metal, death metal and progressive influences are all very distinguishable.

The vocals on this album are nearly perfect, but they are only one of the elements that make Terrifyer a must have for any death metal enthusiast.

Much like on the album Satanic Blood by Von, the vocals are minimalist yet at the same time very complex.

Have a look at the song “Towering Flesh” by Pig Destroyer to grasp what I’m talking about.

The drumming on Terrifyer is as you would expect on a deathgrind album, brutal and relentless. However on some tracks such as on “Towering Flesh” (see above) and the title track “Terrifyer” there is also a lot of technicality in the drumming, reminiscent of bands such as Nile and Suffocation which combine extreme blast beats with technical drum fills.

The guitars on Terrifyer are really what makes this album stand apart from other Deathgrind work, and other Pig Destroyer albums. The guitars are very aggressive and harsh, even for extreme death metal.

They are not raw or brutal in the sense of early Circle of Dead Children, yet they are distorted, raspy and sometimes even ironically melodic.

Terrifyer final score : 95 / 100

What is Death Metal music ?

Death Metal is a Heavy Metal genre, emerging itself at the beginning of the eighties, and always as popular in the Heavy Metal scene as of today. The Death Metal movement find its origins in the USA, particularly near Florida, although we can include other important scenes around the USA (New York notably) and others less important around the world.

Death Metal, as well as Trash Metal and some forms of progressive metal are some of the hardest varieties of Heavy Metal, and maybe of all music with Jazz, Blues and certain forms of classical musical, to play and produce.

The diverse genres of Death Metal, going from technical death metal to progressive death metal, and including slam death metal or deathgrind, make it a very intriguing musical genre.

Death Metal is not only a very technically challenging form of music to play, it is also a very difficult genre to compose properly.

Death Metal music

Origins of Death Metal

Unlike Black Metal, there are no distinct and official Death Metal waves. Yet, we can easily retrace the history and evolution of Death Metal music throughout the ages.

The pioneer bands which really contributed to the creation of this Heavy Metal genre are Necrophagia, Obituary and Morbid Angel. I recommend you maybe look for some of their albums, to see what “first wave” Death Metal was about.

Another major influence was the band Death, which can be label as the pioneer of modern Death Metal. But the true influence of this genre was the release of the Death Metal demo, in 1984, by the band Possessed.

In the early nineties, bands acknowledged a more modern playing style and structured musical genre for Death Metal. More modern bands include Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and Cephalic Carnage.

With the arrival of the “second wave” bands also came a wide variety of Death Metal sub-genres, including Deathgrind and Progressive Death Metal.

Death Metal musical style

In Death Metal, the most common lineup is a combination of a vocalist, one or several guitarists (as the Lead Guitarist and Rhythm Guitarist), a bassist and a drummer. The roles and characteristics of each musicians are of the following :

  • Death Metal Vocalist : The Death Metal vocalist will, at least in theory, use exclusively Death growls. Death growls are a form of vocalization where the musician grunts, expiring (or inspiring) air through his lungs. It is highly discouraged to use the throat to achieve that kind of sound, at risk of irritations or lesions in that area. Although most Death Metal groups are trying to sound the heaviest possible, often at the point of being unintelligible to listeners unfamiliar with the lyrics, some bands prefer sacrificing the heaviness in favor of music and words easier to understand, which is the case in certain groups of technical or melodic Death Metal.
  • Death Metal Guitarist : To be able to maintain a heavy sound and atmosphere, the guitars are generally tuned in C, which is two notes down compared to the original and traditional tuning. D and B tunings are also present, sometimes used respectively in the Melodic / Technical and the Brutal Death Metal sub-genres. As in Black Metal, heavy distortion is very present and sometimes seems greatly exaggerated. Also similarly to Black Metal, techniques such as tremolo picking or Palm Muting are commonly used. Death Metal riffs are often extremely complex, especially in Brutal / Technical bands, and require not only great precision but also great speed since the tempos are very high. Finally, it is not rare to see long and complex guitar solos in most forms of Death Metal.
  • Death Metal Bass : The Death Metal bassist often has a role of great importance, as we are very far from a musical style where the bass is just following the guitar as in Black Metal. The bassist often plays differently than the guitarist, and sometimes even solos, or openings. Similarly to the guitar, the bass is often tuned in C, to bring a heavier sound.
  • Death Metal Drumming : The role of the drummer in Death Metal is once again essential. Not only does Death Metal drumming require great speed, but it always requires a mastery of complex sound structures. Drum patterns are generally quite complex, and their drummers frequently use methods such as blast-beats, gravity rolls, gravity blasts and others.

Death Metal example : Dying Fetus

This is a very good song from the death metal band Dying Fetus.