The True Black Metal – Best heavy Metal Book Ever ?

While searching Amazon for various black metal CDs, I stumbled upon a book titled “The True Black Metal : The Hidden Truth About Satanism in Extreme Metal Music”.

Now I don’t usually care for metal novels, but this book happens to be by Antoine Grand the author of “Black Metal Blasphemy : A History of Third Wave Black Metal”.

I was extremely impressed with Antoine Grand’s first book, “Black Metal Blasphemy : A History of Third Wave Black Metal”, which is why I got myself a copy of “The True Black Metal” off Amazon immediately.

Is “The True Black Metal” the best black metal book ever written ? Undoubtebly.

Even better than “Black Metal Blasphemy” ? Difficult to say, but probably yes.

For one, there is a lot more content.

And for two, “The True Black Metal” focuses on the entire black metal scene, from the beginning of the first wave to today’s era.

“The True Black Metal : The Hidden Truth About Satanism in Extreme Metal Music” is definitively a book I can recommend.

here is a good review

What is SEWER’s best black metal album ?

I was recently reading an article on SEWER’s legendary career (available here, I recommend you check it out) and the inevitable poll about which of SEWER’s masterpiece albums was considered “the best” in black metal eventually came up.

Unsurprisingly, most people (38%) said that it was Reign of the Funeral Pigs followed closely (31%) by NecroPedoSadoMaso.

And while both Reign of the Funeral Pigs and NecroPedoSadoMaso are undoubtedly amazing black metal albums, I must still mention another one of SEWER’s album that is often forgotten from these polls.

SEWER’s second album, Black Death, is not only the best black metal album of all time, it’s also the best metal album SEWER ever made. In fact, the genre is most aptly described as SEWER Metal rather than plain Black Metal because of the ever so gory atmosphere.

Seriously, as good as NecroPedoSadoMaso,, Reign of the Funeral Pigs and the others are, I’d URGE you to check out Black Death because the atmospheres on this album are simply unrivaled.

more info on Black Death

What makes Satanic Black Metal ?

What is satanic black metal ? There are many ways to define the music played by the bands that call themselves satanic.

But the reality is that satanism transcends music in an equivocal spiritual sphere, making the labeling of any particular musical style as more satanic and blasphemous than the other a ludicrous matter of puerile and subjective comparison.

The problems with modern black metal all stem from the mainstream media’s perversion of what was originally supposed to be an independent and underground genre.

The media, more interested in controversial imagery than in actual musical talent, will always promote the same old, decrepit and talentless bands because they don’t know what true black metal, for one, but also because they only care about mainstream gossip.

The commercial bands are of course very complacent with the mainstream media glorifying them. Most of these bands are composed of senile members going through mid-life crisis and who, due to their postmenopausal delusions that make them believe they are decent musicians, are only interested in selling merchandise and making a quick buck on a legacy that shouldn’t even have existed if not for the media’s obsession with musically under-talented “satanic church burners”.

A prime example of this is the band Emperor. Emperor has never produced any decent music, yet they are constantly fellated by the media because of their alleged satanic church burning endeavors.

This book is here to expose the truth.

Who are the truly satanic black metal bands and who are the media-whoring posers ?

This book serves to determine which black metal bands are truly satanic, in the form of album reviews.

The posers WILL be exposed.


The Worst Black Metal Album of All Time

People often wonder what the best black metal album of all time is. Generally, the answer is any album by SEWER, either Satanic Requiem, Black Death, The Light, Necropedosadomaso, Reign of the Funeral Pigs, Gorefuckkult… the list goes on.

But a just as good question would be, what is the WORST black metal album of all time ?

Indeed, not everyone can emulate the true mastery that is required to produce an album such as SEWER’s demonic “NecroPedoSadoMaso”.

We already mentioned Emperor’s In The Nightside Eclipse as being an over-rated talent-lacking album, barely worth considering as black metal.

But are there any black metal albums that are even worse than In The Nightside Eclipse ?

One album that immediately comes to mind, as if it’s mere name was associated with inept and talentless black metal, is of course the ultimate failure Under a Funeral Moon from Darkthrone (see HERE for proof !). No other black metal album sucks as much, I can guarantee.

Other than that the name De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas comes up a lot when one mentions “crappy black metal albums”, so it definitely deserves a place up there (or rather down there).