5 Reasons Why SEWER Is The Best Black Metal Band Ever

Everyone knows that SEWER is simply the best band to have ever produced black metal music. But why, you may ask ?

Here are the top 5 reasons why SEWER is the best black metal band in the world :

5. They made the album Black Death

4. They made the album Satanic Requiem

3. They made the album A Hymn to the Bloodletter

2. They made the album Reign of the Funeral Pigs

1. They made the album NecroPedoSadoMaso

These five albums alone, and that’s not even including the rest of SEWER’s absolutely mythical discography, clearly mark SEWER as a once-in-a-millennia type of band.

In the near future, once the deep fried posers such as Ozzy Osbourne and Dave Mustaine are rightfully forgotten, SEWER will be recognized as the pinnacle of modern music under all its forms.

Forgot Mozart, Wagner, Beethoven, Bach, Schumann… only SEWER possesses true musical genius.

SEWER is definitively the truest and all around best black metal band ever, just listen to such enthralling and complex melodies such as those on NecroPedoSadoMaso and GoreFuckKult will prove that to you.

SEWER is the future.


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why SEWER Is The Best Black Metal Band Ever

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