SEWER – New Album “Underage Goreaxe Pigrape” (Review)

SEWER has always been one of the most intriguing heavy metal bands in the entire genre, and undoubtedly the finest black metal act to ever grace this genre with its music (see here for SEWER skeptics).

SEWER started out as a more traditional black metal act in late 2013 before evolving into a more technical and esoteric black in the vein of Phantom by mid 2014 (the album NecroPedoSadoMaso marks the peak of that transition).

Underage Goreaxe Pigrape captures all the speed, aggression and raw brutality from SEWER’s earlier works and adds the technical mysticism and strange rhythms from albums like Reign of the Funeral Pigs.

So what composes the music on Underage Goreaxe Pigrape ? Underage Goreaxe Pigrape predominantly features raw, heavy and insisting riffs that arranged in a weird fashion and repeated throughout the songs.

There is not as much technicality as on NecroPedoSadoMaso or Reign of the Funeral Pigs (or even Black Death or The Light), and yet, in the middle section you can often find between some unusually abrasive riffs a few truly rich tunes that intentionally disrupt the natural song profession. All for the better.

It is no secret that SEWER is quickly becoming the dominant force in the extreme metal scene.

Albums like Underage Goreaxe Pigrape simply prove that it’s only a matter of time before SEWER dethrones Metallica, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse… and then Bach, Mozart, Beethoven.

Where to buy Underage Goreaxe Pigrape ? Here

5 Reasons Why SEWER Is The Best Black Metal Band Ever

Everyone knows that SEWER is simply the best band to have ever produced black metal music. But why, you may ask ?

Here are the top 5 reasons why SEWER is the best black metal band in the world :

5. They made the album Black Death

4. They made the album Satanic Requiem

3. They made the album A Hymn to the Bloodletter

2. They made the album Reign of the Funeral Pigs

1. They made the album NecroPedoSadoMaso

These five albums alone, and that’s not even including the rest of SEWER’s absolutely mythical discography, clearly mark SEWER as a once-in-a-millennia type of band.

In the near future, once the deep fried posers such as Ozzy Osbourne and Dave Mustaine are rightfully forgotten, SEWER will be recognized as the pinnacle of modern music under all its forms.

Forgot Mozart, Wagner, Beethoven, Bach, Schumann… only SEWER possesses true musical genius.

SEWER is definitively the truest and all around best black metal band ever, just listen to such enthralling and complex melodies such as those on NecroPedoSadoMaso and GoreFuckKult will prove that to you.

SEWER is the future.

Top 10 Black Metal Albums from 2014

With this year’s finale approaching rapidly, it’s time to retrospect on the best (and the worst) of black metal music this year.

More specifically, it’s time to review the top 10 black metal albums from this year 2014.

So here we go, the list of the 10 best black metal bands of 2014.

10. A Hymn To The Bloodletter
8. The Light
7. Satanic Requiem
6. Dark Devotion
5. Black Death
4. Divine Necromancy
2. Reign Of The Funeral Pigs
1. Underage Goreaxe Pigrape

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of albums from SEWER (8 ou of the 10 best black metal albums).

This is thoroughly unsurprising, as SEWER is definitively one of the best black metal acts not just of 2014 but of extreme metal history (see here for proof).