100% CUCKED – Even King ov Hell mocks Infernus !

Support Black Metal, Boycott Infernus.

Support Black Metal, Boycott Infernus.

Roger “Infernus” Tiegs is a hated figure in the black metal scene, and rightfully so. Though maybe not as despised as Erik Danielsson of Watain, the sad, pathetic little man Infernus (he is 167cm) is nonetheless someone that black metal fans have every reason to hate.

He is a poser who is always promoted by the media as the “face of black metal” PRECISELY because he looks so retarded and repulsive that he makes the rest of the genre, and thus its fans and artists, look bad by association.

He is a fake and a revisionist. He claims to have been part of the black metal scene since 1993, despite him having no connection to the underground black metal scene and metal culture at large. No one in the Norwegian Inner Circle even knew who he was until the media started making these fake documentaries about Infernus, the “face of black metal” as they love to claim, and his failed abortion Gorgoroth being the “only true” black metal band. Euronymous who ? Varg what ?

He is a police informant. This has been confirmed by pretty much everyone who ever came in contact with him, including King ov Hell and Gaahl, but also Pest, Grim, Boddel, and even Frost. That’s why he was able to avoid prison despite avoid been found GUILTY of rape. Yes, GUILTY + not sentenced = rat. The media claims he was “cleared” but that’s, of course, pure historical revisionism (it’s not like Norwegian courts don’t have a FUCKING WEBSITE where they publish and archive the verdicts of cases involving public personas and/or that were appealed).

On January 4th, 2006, Infernus was taken to court on charges of kidnapping, participation in gang rape and illegal weapon possession. With exception of admitting some minor violations of Norwegian firearm regulations he has declared himself not guilty. In May 2006, Infernus and his friend were sentenced to three years in prison for rape. Both of them appealed the verdict. Infernus won the appeal despite having been found guilty in the rape case. He was however convicted of “gross negligent rape” (i.e. he should have known that the woman had been raped by his friend before he himself had sex with the woman – who had at this point surrendered mentally) and didn’t serve time in prison.

Interestingly, the “gross negligent rape” clause was recently added in Swedish legal texts, and is being promoted in Ireland as well, both based on the Norwegian model, with the explicit goal of protecting “refugees” from the “racist” court system. One can wonder if Roger “Infernus” Tiegs’ was also “protected” from those “racist” Norwegians women whom he raped. That would be fitting, as one of the victims described Infernus’ friend as “not really White”. Makes you wonder about all his posing as an “anti-racist” and a “feminist”.

Gaygoroth = Fake Metal.

Gaygoroth = Fake Metal.

Also notice the double-standard: the media LIE about Varg, Fenriz, Samoth, Famine, Faust, etc. to make them appear GUILTY when they are INNOCENT – ex. by claiming Varg was in “constant contact” with Anders Breivik when he didn’t even know who Breivik was, had nothing but contempt for his actions, and denounced him mere DAYS after the terrorist committed his pro-Zionist attacks.

But the media will also LIE about Infernus, Ahriman and Danielsson to make them appear INNOCENT when they are GUILTY – ex. claiming that Infernus was found “not guilty” of rape when he was, referring to the victims as “prostitutes” without proof (we see the same technique being used by Jeffrey Epstein’s Zionist lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, who falsely refers to Epstein’s victims as “underage prostitutes”).

Leif A. Lier, who led the police investigation after Euronymous’ death, also heavily hinted at there been “informants” in the black metal scene, and all but pointed at Infernus of Gorgoroth as the main “intel source” used by the authorities when they needed to make arrests (see: “Until the Light Takes Us“).

Infernus is the original (((Hollywood Satanist))) – paving the way for such turd acts as Watain and Dark Funeral to follow in his footsteps to defame the black metal genre by association.

Gorgoroth = Shit Metal Promoted by the Media.

Gorgoroth = Shit Metal Promoted by the Media.

Consider that in 2007 – just when true underground black metal was reclaiming its former glory and, thanks to the Internet, black metal artists like Abbath, Hellhammer, Varg, Fenriz and Satyr finally had a medium to correct the record about the outright lies the media pushed throughout the 1993-2005 era (from everything about “devil worship” to even “child sacrifices”) – Vice Media, a media company run by two anti-White Israeli jews, released a completely fallacious “documentary” about the black metal scene, which they unironically called “True Norwegian Black Metal“. With a name like that, you’d assume they’d talk about Fenriz, Nocturno Culto, Varg Vikernes, Euronymous, Dead, Samoth, Frost, maybe mention Quorthon and Morgan Håkansson in passing to cover Swedish black metal as well… nope, turns out “True Norwegian Black Metal” is 32 minutes of Vice Media “journalists” fawning over the “true black metal” of Gorgoroth and… Gorgoroth. That’s it. (((Vice Media))) produced an entirely fake documentary about Gorgoroth, called it “True Norwegian Black Metal” in what borders on false advertising – shades of Antoine Grand who would later call his books shit like “Real Satanic Black Metal” and “The True Black Metal” – and claimed it was the “ultimate foray into black metal’s unexplored [sic] fringes” when it was nothing but a commercial for Gorgoroth and their retarded “theistic Satanism”.

This “documentary” was produced by someone called Mike Washlesky who claims have been introduced to extreme metal by Deena Weinstein. Weinstein is the “professor of sociology” from the USA who wanted all black and death metal banned in the 1990s because “heavy metal music culture condones racial hatred […] will lead to the emergence of an intense, exclusionary, strongly masculine, and virulently euro-centric subculture“.

Infernus and Richard Spencer, gay butt-buddies of the year.

Infernus and Richard Spencer, gay butt-buddies of the year.

It was later revealed that Vice Media’s commercial for Gorgoroth was an “answer” to Bill Zebub’s 2006 “Black Metal: A Documentary“. According to co-producer and correspondant Ivar Berglin, Washlesky was “incensed” that Bill had given coverage to “anti-semites” like Samoth and Fenriz.

Infernus is also a pathological liar who constantly engages in defamation and slander against other black metal musicians whom he calls “pagan posers” because they don’t worship “Satan” and the Bible, but instead talk about their European/Scandinavian/Pagan heritage – something which he, as well as his media handlers, labels “racist and nazi“.

Remember all these “Black Metal Band X is Racist and Nazi” that were posted all over Metalious and elsewhere, complete with calls for “pre-emptive strikes against black metal fans” and threats of terrorism against bands like Marduk, Peste Noire, Graveland, Taake, Dimmu Borgir and Immortal, eventually leading to several shows being cancelled out of fear of “anti-fascist” action?

These attacks were celebrated by the media – (((MetalSucks))), run by a certain A. Rosenberg, interviewed one of the antifa ringleaders who phoned in bomb threats to the Canadian hotel in which Rob Darken (Graveland) was staying, and praised his actions as “taking a stand against hate and extremism in black metal” – AND by Infernus as well, who also praised antifa and wrote a long Facebook post saying, in short, that “anti-fascists” needed to “start organizing against the macho, angry sad-boy appeal of fascism within our [sic] music subcultures“.

Fuck Graveland. We need to be organizing against the macho, angry sad-boy appeal of fascism within our [sic] music subcultures. Some of this includes being truly critical of the artistic and entertainment value in black metal, particularly when it is rooted in misogyny, genocidal antisemitism, pro-white Eurocentric paganism, etc. This could also mean promoters being explicit about an anti-oppressive policy and discretionary in booking, and encouraging space for tabling [sic] for groups working against these elements. Sometimes this may also take direct confrontation and development of good security practices. We must root out fascism once and for all. Black metal is not for racist bigots.

Infernus Praises Antifa, like a good (((Hollywood Satanist))).

Infernus Praises Antifa, like a good (((Hollywood Satanist))).

Of course he wants “discretionary booking” – he owes his careers, and his get-out-of-jail-free-card, to such policies.

On “The Problem With Orthodox Black Metal” essay, one commenter puts it even more succinctly.

Notice also the close proximity between the so-called orthodox/theistic Satanist BM bands and various anti-racist/anti-White organisations. Infernus of Gorgoroth was all over facebook mocking the “nazi women” raped during the Rotterdam scandal (and probably Cologne too), and for that he was universally praised by Israeli outfit Vice Magazine, the same one that decries “rape culture” and the “toxic masculinity of the black metal community”.

– Curious Cat

In addition to Varg, Samoth, Hellhammer, Necrobutcher, Frost, Ihsahn and pretty much everyone not part of the (((Hollywood Satanism))) tard corral, who have all publicly spoken about these issues, Fenriz of Darkthrone has openly expressed disdain for Tiegs many times, having held regard for him, as early as 1999, as one of the “ÜBERPOSERS […] constantly trying to destroy REAL metal“, and stated that he would not consider Darkthrone as black metal anymore “if what Gorgoroth is doing is something anyone would call black metal. Let’s just say that we ditched the boat before all the dead meat sank it“.

But now even Infernus’ own protégé, the odious clown King ov Hell, has cucked little Roger Tiegs’ and his juvenile “theistic satanism” bullshit. Publicly. In an interview with Bergensavisen.

In an interview regarding his new band Ov Hell with Norwegian newspaper Bergensavisen in February, King ov Hell has openly compared his ex-bandmate Infernus (born Roger Tieg [sic]) with the Pope, and the ideology of Satanism with the Catholic Church.

King: “[Christians] have chosen Jesus as their heroic character. But at the time when he was alive there were lots of other heroic characters who possessed the same abilities.”

Q: “You mean Satan?”

King: “No. The so-called Satanist circle in Bergen was created by a journalist from BT. […] I am of course proud of my Nordic heritage, so why would I throw that away to embrace some Middle-Eastern debasement? […] The church is more satanist than we are. They are the ones who are concerned with Satan, not us. They too get a ‘slap on the wrist’ for raping our children, […] the more things change…”

Ouch, was that your sphincter, Roger ? I understand, now, why you wear diapers on stage.

But Infernus also ADMITS HIMSELF that his (((Hollywood Satanism))) is, essentially, Christianity. Every accusation leveled against the “costume clowns” who pretend to “worship the devil” was proven CORRECT – not just by King ov Hell – but by Infernus himself, who admits the following in this 2008 interview.

M: I read you are opposed to pagan and other non-Satanic bands calling their music Black Metal, could you explain why?

Infernus: Basically, because they reject a theist view upon being. I do not regard man as the center of the universe. These are my views and they are the views of black metal, not the views of any humanist, nazi pagans or so-called atheist.

Note the total inversion of reality. In (((mainstream media))) lala land, it’s INFERNUS, the trend-hopping poser, who acts as a judge, jury – and executioner? see his barely veiled Facebook threats about “direct confrontation” above – and who gets to decide which bands are “worthy”, and which bands aren’t, of the black metal label.

"True Satanists" Oppose the Nazi Pagans of Black Metal.

“True Satanists” Opposing the “Nazi Pagans” of Black Metal.

Back in reality, all of the early Norwegian black metal bands, all of the members of the Norwegian Inner Circle, were “humanist, nazi pagans or so-called atheist”. 100%. Black metal itself was founded by “humanist, nazi pagans or so-called atheist” and co-opted, with the active complicity of the (((Hollywood Satanism))) crowd, by the media.

This is exactly what Varg Vikernes said in 1994. Fenriz, Samoth and Hellhammer soon confirmed it, and denounced the intentional media misrepresentation of black metal bands.

The one who spearheaded that defamation of an entire musical genre? Roger Tiegs, and his shit band Gorgoroth.

Even Satyr has recently come out and condemned those who manufacture a “false history” of black metal. “We were about 30 in the black metal scene and not one band worshiped the devil or anything like that” says Satyr.

Even Euronymous, in his correspondence with a British black metal fan going by the name of Paul Watson, admits it. “All Norwegian black metal bands are National Socialist […] Satanists are like slaves to their religion, they are like Christians. […] Satanism comes from religious Christianity, and there it shall stay” writes Euronymous.

His own family released all his letters for posterity, it’s not like anyone can’t compare and contrast the claims made by the (((Hollywood Satanists))) – Infernus, Danielsson, Ahriman, Blackmoon, Lederer – and, well, pretty much everyone else.

Fuck off, InferAnus, black metal doesn’t need retard faggots like you. Some homosexuals are cool, such as Gaahl, too bad he left your shit band with King in 2007.

By the way, I think I know the reason for the “bad blood” between Gaahl and InferAnus. I mean, aside from the obvious – i.e. Gaahl forcing Inferanus to wear diapers due to a torn colon.


In 1995, prominent Norwegian black metal vocalist Gaahl described “niggers, mulattoes and midgets” as “subhuman” and stated his admiration for Vikernes and Adolf Hitler.


LGBTP+ "black metal".

LGBTP+ “black metal”.

167cm and you have to hide being “Satan” as you get cucked by everyone – include ALL of your band members, from Gaahl, to King, to Pest even more recently – because, let’s face it, everyone in the black metal scene hates Infernus. And why wouldn’t they ? He is an active collaborator with those who advocate their followers bring “baseball bats, knives and crowbars” to black metal venues, make bomb threats against black metal musicians and their families, demand the entire genre stop talking about “Vikings and Pagans” as that’s “nazi” and instead adopt the most retarded aspects of Biblical litterature (devil worship) and essentially, just put up with media defamation and shut up.

So why wouldn’t black metal fans tell the self-admitted Christian and rapist (or is that redundant) poser Infernus to go fuck himself, just like King, Gaahl and the rest of the Norwegian black metal scene did?

What does black metal gain by tolerating subversive elements like Erik Danielsson, Infernus, Ahriman, etc. who OPENLY ADMIT their goal is to backdoor anti-White activism, Judeo-Christianity and even literal Zionism – remember that Satyr was attacked as an “islamofascist” for defending Palestinians and opposing their genocide, the mods of Metal Archives (“Morrigan”, in particular) were all but encouraging their users to phone in threats to Satyr’s family and even celebrated the news of his brain tumour like the POS they are – into black metal under the guise of “Satanism”? Give me one good reason.

Q: That’s badass pal! That response tore shit up. Now, this is an old argument that I’m sure you’ve heard many times before, but when you sing about the glory of Satan, you are admitting that there is a God, which in essence agrees with Christianity. What are your thoughts on this issue?

Erik Danielsson: Of course there is a god.

Fuck off, midget.

10 thoughts on “100% CUCKED – Even King ov Hell mocks Infernus !

  1. There was an interview, in 1995 I think, where the journalist asked Infernus why he avoided legal troubles despite bragging about ‘his’ church burnings constantly, when even the slightest comment from the actual members of the Norwegian scene that could have been interpreted as an ‘inside joke’ led them, repeatedly, to be detained for 72 hours (the maximum booking time without a judge being notified) and interrogated… Infernus fumbled and started claiming the police were ‘scared of him’ because he is a ‘true Satanist’ and already killed a band member for disrespecting him in public. He tried to pull that shit on Gaahl and was, apparently, raped unconscious… it happened several times before Gaahl had enough and eventually left the band.

    • Death 2 INFERANUS the FUDGE PACKER. Late to the game, by the time Gaygoroth released their debut Varg had already dispensed of Euronymous (too bad he didn’t deal with Inferanus as well…). Anyway, Gaygoroth were always the try hard band full of homosexuals and loser, trying to belong to the Black Metal underground that never wanted them.

      • No, no, you are mistaken. Gaahl was the fudge packer. Infernus was the one getting his fudge packed. Multiple sources corroborate this.

  2. Were all Gorgoroth members faggots? Gaahl is openly gay, the new vocalist too, and Infernus was known to stick butt plugs in his ass during live shows.

  3. Nowadays metalheads talk about Infernus, King of Hell, Gorgoroth, Watain, Deafheaven, Liturgy, other shit bands, etc… as if they had a clue what real black metal is in the first place… Bands like Phantom, Burzum, Neraines, Mayhem, Graveland wrote some of the best black metal albums in history… nowadays metalheads suck Gaahl and King of Hells cocks!! They don’t know shit about true black metal (Phantom, Burzum, Neraines, etc…) and prefer to eat semen than listen to albums like The Epilogue To Sanity or Filosofem.

  4. I can’t even begin to imagine what an angry incel pretending to be a ‘theistic satanist’ like Infernus has to do with black metal, heavy metal, or any other form of music really. Embarrassing shit. He should go back to grindr.

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