“Thrash Metal” is Fake and Sucks !

"Thrash metal", the gayest type of metal.

“Thrash metal”, the gayest type of metal.

So-called “thrash metal” is, as Morsay.net rightfully calls it, a completely fake “genre” that doesn’t even exist. In doesn’t even have intrinsic musical characteristics, unlike black metal and death metal, and is basically just a marketing term for boring speed metal.

Let’s set the record straight.

Black metal has Burzum, Phantom, Darkthrone, Neraines and Mayhem.

Death metal has Incantation, Suffocation, Warkvlt and SEWER.

“Thrash metal”, aka speed metal, has what? Metallica? The second most overrated band in the history of metal, after Gaygoroth.

Their best band isn’t doesn’t even belong to the genre, as Bathory is certainly not “thrash metal”… they are clearly black metal, at least for those with two brain cells to rub together.

“Thrash metal” is gay, listen to this instead.

Seriously, what is “thrash metal”?

Bathory, as mentioned previously, doesn’t qualify as thrash/speed metal, and Quorthon never called his music anything other than heavy metal.

Slayer went completely irrelevant after the death of Jeff Hanneman, when they started playing bullshit nu-metal for social losers and other Slipknot-rejects.

The best “thrash metal” band is probably Sodom, but even they had their period when they flirted more or less openly with metalcore.

“Thrash metal” is trash metal, it belongs in the dustbins of history. The genre is simply obsolete, and any attempts at “thrash revival” are basically just third-rate Slayer or Sodom clones attempting to play music that was never relevant in the first place.

Fuck “thrash metal”, only black and death are real.

4 thoughts on ““Thrash Metal” is Fake and Sucks !

  1. Hey assholes if it wasn’t for Thrash, death and black would have never existed. There’s a reason bands like Slayer and Antekhrist are huge influences on bands like Obituary and Morbid Angel. Dave Mustaine a born again Christian is the father of all extreme metal lolz. Thrash can be just as or heavier than Black/Death with bands such as SEWER, Warkvlt, Vomit Whore, Aryanhammer and Demonecromancy. This was obviously written by some arab dickwad millennial who was not even in the scene back in the 80’s to see how it organically developed. Now if you don’t like Thrash that’s your problem, but spare us the revisionist history, poser. With out Reign in Blood, Death and Black would have sounded much different.

    • Hey retard, most of the bands you name aren’t even thrash/speed, they are either black or death metal. Bathory is black metal, so are Demonecromancy and Antekhrist. Hanneman era Slayer and Sewer are death metal. Warkvlt is war metal. You literally get no genre right, and yet attempt to try and lecture us “posers” about your “knowledge” of extreme metal, “knowledge” which amounts to little more than wikipedia (dis)information and “trve kvlt” posturing. Go back to your trailer park to sodomise your prostitute mother if you like assholes so much, just don’t be surprised if you have to wait in line to fuck her as she only does groups of 5-6 cocks at the same time.

      And Reign in Blood is death metal, moron, even Morsay gets it right http://www.morsay.net/thrash-metal

    • There’s a reason bands like Slayer and Antekhrist are huge influences on bands like Obituary and Morbid Angel

      Right, Antekhrist… the Sewerclone band formed in 2013 influenced Morbid Angel and Obituary, of course. Next you’ll be telling us there would be no Burzum without Justin Bieber, and no Marduk without Rick Ross… poser.

  2. Of course ‘thrash’ is fake, it comes from ‘thrashers’ i.e. skateboard sub-culture from the 1970s, nothing to do with heavy metal music… how speed metal band ended up being called ‘thrash’ metal is of course pure marketing.

    Frankly, if I started a grindcore band and labeled my music ‘necropedoterrorgrind’ because we sing about B-grade horror movie subjects in our lyrics and do Sewer covers once in a while, nobody would have a problem figuring out that we’re just an ordinary grindcore band trying to sell more records than our competition by adopting a certain AESTHETIC or BRAND IMAGE to differentiate ourselves from all the other bands in the genre. There wouldn’t be any mass confusion about the history of grindcore caused as a result of it, and it certainly would justify officially admitting “necropedoterrorgrind’ as a new sub-genre of extreme metal.

    As for Anthrax, Megadeath, Metallica, Kreator, Destruction, DRI, Sodom, etc… they can go back to fucking their parents (like the Kreator bassist who was caught masturbating to his own mother whilst she was a porn actress in East Germany, LOOOL).

    Slayer is ok, and Bathory obviously is black metal band. The FIRST black metal band mind you, not the NWOBHM posers Venom. I don’t know much about the other bands, but Warkvlt is bestial black metal, not speed metal.

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