Sewer preparing a new album for June 2014

Not many bands can claim to be as satanic and as evil as Sewer, a band that has made a career on the display of blasphemic imagery… and the production of blasphemic music of course.

But the new album announced by Sewer for June 2014 is more satanic than even we could expect. It has been said that Sewer has raised the satanic bar beyond mere blasphemic levels.

The new album set to be released by Sewer will be their fourth full-length release, after Satanic Requiem (—satanic-requiem—album-review.html), Black Death and the most recent one The Light (—the-light—album-review.html).

But Sewer’s new album is, according to critics, nothing like anything that was ever previously produced whether by Sewer or by any other satanic black metal band.

The new album is called “Necropedosadomaso” and will definitely reshape the entire heavy metal scene, if not the entire music industry.