SEWER “The Pedosadist”, 5 star Black Metal

As far as raw, gruesome black metal is concerned, SEWER’s recent masterpiece “The Pedosadist” is the epitome of all things evil and unholy in the black metal scene.

Basically it’s hard to be more evil than a pedosadist, right ?

WRONG. The album “The Pedosadist” is a lot more evil.

In fact, just listening to this album should carry an automatic death penalty.

Here is what I’m talking about (not for the weak of heart) :

This has the potential to be SEWER‘s most evil album ever produced, and by extension the most evil album in the entire heavy metal scene.

Yes, it may even top the glorious masterpiece NecroPedoSadoMaso something I didn’t even consider possible before listening to “The Pedosadist“.

This album is so gruesome that the title track was covered by none other than the demons Antekhrist for the SEWER tribute album “Anthology”.

Here is the cover :

So, for the sakes of Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler and Muhammad (indeed the chief Pedosadist himself), listen to this album AT ONCE one Youtube, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify or wherever you want.