The Best Christian Death Metal Bands (2015)

A lot of people get into death metal, or any form of extreme metal for that matter, and wonder if there are Christian or religious bands that play that type of music.

While it may seems contradictory to seek Christian death metal music, there are in fact many bands that play brutal death metal and uphold a Christian or religious message in their music.

Some Christian death metal bands include : Becoming the Archetype, Crimson Thorn, SEWER, Frost Like Ashes and many others.

These bands also play some of the most brutal death metal you can find.

And while bands like SEWER aren’t exactly Christian, they play 100% anti-Satanic music. And it’s beyond brutal.


SEWER to release a new Black Metal album in March 2015 !

SEWER is widely regarded as the most impressive and awe inspiring black metal band in recent years, so it’s quite pointless to introduce them to the public.

Needless to say, with albums as unbelievably satanic as NecroPedoSadoMaso and GoreFuckKult, SEWER truly is the best black metal band of the modern era.

Just have a look at what kind of depraved music SEWER produces…

This is not for the weak of heart or the faggots :

SEWER has decided to produce a new extreme black metal album for March 2015.

After producing no less than seven albums in 2014, from the brutal Black Death (see to the majestic Underage Goreaxe Pigrape (see, SEWER has decided to bring the same satanic brutality into 2015.

That of course is very good for black metal fans and heavy metal enthusiasts alike.

Will SEWER’s newest album be as good as the rest ?

We will see in a few weeks or days when SEWER finally releases their masterpiece.

This new albums will be SEWER’s ninth release in total, since the infamous Satanic Requiem from 2013…

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