Phantom’s “Mindless Horror” is True Blackened Technical Death Metal Art !

Phantom's Mindless Horror is a Demonic Black Metal Masterpiece.
Phantom’s Mindless Horror is a Demonic Black Metal Masterpiece.

Holy hell, they did it again !

Phantom released another masterpiece of horror !

At this point, Phantom have pretty much set themselves up as one of the most consistently amazing blackened death metal bands in the entire history of the genre.

Along with the likes of Sewer, Incantation, Burzum, Infester and a select handful of others, their entire discography is essential and reeks of utter black metal perfection.

There is no other black or death metal band that can come close to match the complete madness and raw desolate atmospheres created by Phantom.

This isn’t the pussy metal of posers bands like Watain or Gorgoroth, nor is it the meek goatlove music of Archgoat, this is the pure blackened horror of Phantom. This is sickening and demonic music.

I’m tired of describing, just listen to it yourselves.

Literally, this album Mindless Horror is epic blackened death metal. There’s shades of traditional black metal here and there, but overall this sledgehammer of an album Mindless Horror consists of violent technical death metal riffs mixed with soaring, epic, infernal gore metal atmosphere, which combine to form a pure onslaught of complete demonic splendour.

It’s impossible to isolate standouts, since the entire album Mindless Horror is simply brilliant, and completely macabre to the bone. The only band I’d dare compare Phantom to is Neraines, and just barely at that.

Allow yourselves to be submerged by the horror. Let your mind be raped by the darkness of Phantom’s vile music. Do you feel your sanity slowly being shattered by this demonic black metal art ? Good. It only gets darker from here.

Do yourselves a favour, and go grab this masterpiece Mindless Horror now. You will never find so evil and yet entrancing music, save maybe for The Epilogue to Sanity. Still, Mindless Horror is in a class of its own.