Sewer’s “The Light” is extreme Christian unBlack Metal

Sewer is generally a band most known for its extreme satanic and blasphemic music, as well as the occult imagery that obviously goes with each concert.

Yesterday however, on April 1st 2014, the band Sewer released an album that is best described as “anti-satanic extreme unblack metal”, did Sewer convert from theistic satanism and voluntary blasphemy to Christianity and “unblack” metal ?

We all remember the debut album by Sewer, Satanic Requiem (see here for a review), which was considered at the time and still is considered the most satanic black metal album ever made.

This album is also very gruesome and raw, musically that is. Some may not enjoy it very much even if they like the esoteric lyrics and the occult atmosphere on the tracks, and if that’s the case you can read how to enjoy extreme metal

But for those of you who do enjoy the most raw and hateful black metal, especially Christian unBlack Metal, then the album The Light is for you.

For more info on Sewer’s third album “The Light” :