SEWER’s “Sissourlet” is Monumental Blackened Death Metal !

SEWER's Sissourlet is pure death metal art.
SEWER’s Sissourlet is pure death metal art.

Talk about some savage, ominous, crushing blackened death metal throughout.

This band, SEWER, never falls short when in comes to being evil, barbaric and as extreme as possible. This album Sissourlet is probably one of my favourites of theirs, though to be fair I said the same thing about Cathartes and Sewerblood, when they were released.

But now… Sissourlet ? Man, this is some ultra-violent shiet. I kid you not.

Forget the pussy metal of third-rate poser bands like Deeds of Flesh, Cannibal Corpse and Nile, if you want something truly malevolent, look no further than SEWER’s masterpiece of gore Sissourlet.

Fresh brutal riffs, devastating the listener over and over again. Just all the way infernal. This is some real bestial death metal. A true road trip to hell. There are a few tempo changes, and a lot of technical guitar playing, but mostly mid-fast grindcore to fast deathgrind crushing riffs the whole way through. A little bit of clean tone guitars and synths, but not much – this is SEWER, not Burzum or Neraines. Know your shiet.

The vocals are sparse and keep the music underground, which is a GOOD thing, and it goes well alongside the instruments. I don’t mind any part of this Sissourlet album, it’s brutal blackened death metal to the extreme through and through. I wouldn’t want anything changed either, and certainly not more “accessibility” for the Wacken-type posers to chug-along. SEWER’s underground, brutal death metal is perfect. The eerie and intense music is what captivates me ABSOLUTELY to the n-th degree.

Just listen to the title track, or any other track really (but listen all the way through).

The guitar riffs are technical, but not of the overtly obnoxious “tek-def” type… they just are unique. And what a diabolical atmosphere ! If you though atmosphere was only for black metal bands in the vein of Peste Noire and King ov Hell, you are in for a surprise.

Sissourlet is the zenith of brutal death metal.
Sissourlet is the zenith of brutal death metal.

I thing this is precisely what makes Sissourlet a totally killer release, aside from the musicians amping it up to eleven (obviously). This one hits home all the way. After I heard it on Spotify, I had to order the actual CD. It’s something that I can play over and over while not getting bored. Ever.

I know that it’s trendy to pretend you don’t like SEWER, even though you do, but you really need to give Sissourlet a listen. Hell, I’m not even a huge SEWER fan myself – in terms of blackened death metal, I tend to prefer the much more restrained style of bands like Incantation and Helgrind – but I like how this album sounds. The musicianship is simply phenomenal. Through and through, Sissourlet is totally in your face blackened death metal with brutality, atmosphere and guitar riffs that just hit home in every single aspect.

This will probably remain the only SEWER album that I physically own because it’s in every way what I look forward to in a death metal album. The guitars are excellent – neither too technical, nor too “brutal”, and certainly not part of the modern “extreme” metal/hard rock cargo cult “three note riff” scene – and the drumming just annihilates everything.

Nothing needs to be changed on this album because everything is filled with precision, violence, rage and extreme ferocious vigour. Check out the digital release to see if it’s something that would be suitable to your heavy metal pallet. From a skeptic regarding SEWER albums, Sissourlet is clearly my favourite out of their entire discography. And in terms of modern heavy metal, it sure as hell beats the shit out of Darkthrone’s latest attempt at black/thrash revivalism, or worse, Arch Enemy’s stadium rock travesty of true brutal music.

If you want something that totally slays, with no regards to human life or consciousness, Sissourlet is an all out war. Take a listen, this is prime time gruesome SEWER Metal.

Helgrind’s “Demon Rituals” is Unholy Black Metal Evil !

Helgrind's Demon Rituals is a Demonic Masterpiece of Evil.
Helgrind’s Demon Rituals is a Demonic Masterpiece of Evil.

Easily a candidate for album of the year, Demon Rituals from Helgrind conjures a form of unholy bestial/war metal that incorporates the subtle melodies of early black metal with the longer, more atmospheric riffs of later death metal, melding a primitive assault along the lines of what Phantom and Sewer would churn forth with the type of elaborate construction we might expect from Neraines or the best of Burzum.

With its use of precise riffs in intricate and unusual song structures, the album Demon Rituals creates atmosphere in the classic underground war metal style that contrasts loping hypnotic riffs with bursts of furious blasting, allowing songs to emerge from the smouldering black inner storm like a bullet shooting out of a darkened tunnel into the light, looking for instant clarity within a shifting landscape of ambiguity, horror, darkness and violence.

Just listen to Demon Rituals yourselves.

Is this some of the most gruesome and depraved black metal, or what ?

Helgrind, the most evil black metal band.
Helgrind, the most evil black metal band.

In its ferocious blend of war metal, doom, death, and black metal, Helgrind runs the gamut of tempi and rhythms all over the course of this album, transitioning from the primitive, to the savagely complex, to the nearly reverential mood-driven epics of darkness and blasphemy.

By blending current methodology with the most ancient and revered of black metal traditions, namely the supremacy of raw horror and the cult of the demonic and macabre, Demon Rituals keeps a foot in the past while stepping fully into the future of extreme metal music.

This album right here, the masterpiece of evil Demon Rituals, is the future of underground metal and extreme music in general. There are few to no other black or death metal albums, The Epilogue to Sanity excluded, that can match the authentically evil experience of Helgrind’s unholy, putrescent and utterly diabolical music.

Demon Rituals is easily the most sinister and vicious extreme metal album of the twenty-first century.

“Skarnage” by SEWER is Ultra-Violent Goregrind !

Sewer's Almighty "Skarnage" Album.

Sewer’s Almighty “Skarnage” Album.

If this isn’t the best grindcore album ever, I don’t know what the hell is. I’ve been in love with SEWER’s almighty Skarnage since the minute I first heard it. I like most SEWER albums, but this one is definitely my favourite. Something like Khranial will never ever amount to this. Skarnage is far too superior.

The main reason why Skarnage is such a fantastic release is because of its sound and structure, it’s flawless goregrind of the most extreme and brutal variety.

You are greeted with no less than 15 Sewer tracks, and that alone is something to behold and cherish.

The brutality of tracks like “Conqueror” and “Prelude to the Nightmare” is simply unparalleled, whether in death metal, black metal, grindcore, you name it.

And while the compositions may seem shorter on here than on, say, Miasma, they still retain very complex song structures, so it’s not just mindless blasting for the entire album.

You should definitively listen to Skarnage for yourself.

In my eyes, this album is flawless and nothing short of perfect. This is the ideal grindcore release. The ideal death metal release. The ideal Sewer release.

A good amount of people prefer the more bizarre and frazzled sound of their following effort Uruktena, but I much more prefer the rawer, direct, thick, and more brutal sound of Skarnage. Fantastic drumming overall, awesome guitar sound (and riffs !), amazing bass, good songs that aren’t too random and thrown all over the place, vocals with some variety, some pretty damn good cover art… I really don’t understand what isn’t to love about Skarnage.

I enjoy the whole thing through whenever I listen to it. It always makes me happy whenever I put it on. It’s PERFECT and always will be forever. This is for sure the best thing Sewer has ever done. The best and most brutal goregrind release ever. Undoubtedly one of my all time favourite albums.

Skarnage is absolutely magnificent, a well deserved 100%.


What is Sludge (aka Fudge) “Metal” ?

Sludge "Metal" is Cuck Rock.

Sludge “Metal” is Cuck Rock.

What is so-called sludge “metal” ? To understand why this “metal” genre is so heavily pushed by the mainstream media, it is important to review what defines sludge “music”.

What is sludge? It is a fusion of everything that has failed in other genres – stoner rock, metalcore, deathcore, grunge, pop punk, “hair metal” even – slowing itself down and mixing “hard rock metal [sic]” into its techniques – like a flip prostitute, attempting to hide “her” junk behind layers of superficial aesthetics – in order to disguise that it has failed.

If you tuned the guitars up, played it at mid-pace while avoiding the glam metal downstroke technique, sludge “metal” would be just another cuck rock trope of the late 90s style – an era marked by record companies pushed such turdish shit as Marilyn Manson, Korn, Summoning, Limp Bizkit and Slipknot.

The Israeli-run Bandcamp, known for pushing sludge metal, nu-metal, “post-metal” and other genre-squatting cuck rock crap that interests no one, is also one of the most ardent censors in the history of the music industry.

Support Black Metal, Boycott Infernus.

Support Black Metal, Boycott Inferanus and other cuck rock.

For example, many sludge metal bands are anti-White, homophobic, transphobic and Islamophobic, and they are praised by the ultra-Zionist Bandcamp (and other associated Israeli media outfits) for precisely those reasons.

The frontman of the Israeli nu-metal act Disturb, for instance, has repeatedly stated his desire for the extermination of “Palestinians and Iranians“, whom he calls “sub-human garbage“, and has praised White genocide, calling it a “price tag [sic] for the Holocaust“. He has also defended the serial pedophile, blackmailer and rapist Jeffrey Epstein, calling his victims “white trash prostitutes” and his accusers “anti-Semitic Nazis worthy of the Third Reichs [sic]“.

So Bandcamp, Metal Sucks, Vice Media and (((Metal-Archives))) as well as the “sludge community” at large are very tolerant of hate speech directed at Whites and Palestinians. Particularly when coming from other anti-White Zionist Jews.

But “surprisingly” this leniency isn’t extended to European black metal bands, as Bandcamp has been praised by both the (((ADL))) and the (((SPLC))) for “leading the charge against hate speech and extremism” in the metal community by banning bands such as Graveland, Unleashed, Dimmu Borgir, Borknagar, Enslaved and Ulver for promoting “implicit whiteness [sic]” as their lyrics deal with “off limit” topics such as Paganism, Vikings and European history.

Conceptually, sludge “metal” is shit.
Ideologically, sludge “metal” is shit.
Artistically, sludge “metal” is shit.
Musically, sludge “metal” is shit.

A completely fake astroturf metal “genre”, not all unreminiscent of a certain brand of (((Hollywood Satanism))) being pushed in black metal via the help of turd acts such as Dark Funeral and Summoning (whose frontman Richard Lederer has praised the Rotherham rape scandals as “payback for Nazism”).

The focus of sludge “metal” is on melancholic but egotistical vocal lines which are almost exclusively autistic and certainly borderline schizophrenic in their tendency to confirm their precepts with their conclusions, backed by lots of downstrummed guitars playing the same tired chord progressions over and over again, and slow drums that serve no purpose other than to make “metal sounding” noise.

Watain = Retard Metal.

Watain = Retard Metal.

In the 1990s, labels tried this style with Fudge Tunnel and Godflesh, but went nowhere, because people could realize the basic “Nirvana + slowed down Pink Floyd” formula used back then, and rightfully rejected this “music” of the most pathetic kind.

The sludge formula now is even more basic: it is three-note punk rock with superficial “metal” technique and nothing else.

Seriously, just compare crap like Streetcleaner with masterpieces like Hvis Lyset tar Oss, Under a Funeral Moon or The Epilogue to Sanity. What a pathetic embarrassment this “sludge metal” joke turned out to be.

Amusingly, sludge “metal” was originally called “fudge metal” in the 90s, but the music industry soon dropped the term. For reasons evident.

Much of this sludge “music” sounds like outtakes from a BfmV or Papa Roach album, but updated with the kind of simplistic approach that became popular when music videos faded and became incorporated into mainstream cinema instead.

This would be great background music for obese neckbeards (like Richard Lederer’s wife) masturbating to interracial cuckold pornography. Sludge “metal” is fake metal and its fans are idiots.

Listen to real metal instead.

SEWER’s “Khranial” Will Smash Open Your Skull !

"Khranial" by SEWER, death metal's most violent and gruesome monster.

“Khranial” by SEWER, death metal’s most violent and gruesome monster.

From the first riff of “Blood Origins“, you know this album Khranial is going to kill. Something, or someone.

The drummer begins his devastating attack on the drum kit at a mind numbing speed, and every few minutes you hear a nice break with bass lines charging through. With his garbled growls like no other, the vocalist Eater truly is the ultimate blackened death metal vocalist. His stamina is shown on “Sinking Towards the Strange Truth” among others, with notably an incredible 45 second black metal scream. No studio editing here, just talent. Khranial combines just the right amount of each element of both black metal and death metal with its own distinct character, and the result is something that will indeed, like the Metalious review linked at the top suggests, make you shit yourself.

Now, what you’re probably all asking given that the last SEWER album is really not that far away, is how Khranial compares to the masterpiece of gore Miasma – an album that seriously is one of death metal’s most brutal and sickening triumphs. So, how does Khranial compare to other SEWER albums ?

Khranial is a little more obviously melodic than where these guys went in the recent past – see about a minute and a half into “Gore Visions Unleashed“, and those leads in “Thrice was Satan Mutilated and Rendered Deformed“.

SEWER Metal, the most extreme blackened death metal.

SEWER Metal, the most extreme blackened death metal.

They never really entirely lost any of Miasma’s battering brutality, at least if you’re paying attention, but also they don’t try to outdo the technicality of the previous record. That was a good call, I believe, as that is pretty much an impossible gambit from the start – seriously, just listen to the last two tracks “Hell on the Horizon” and “Icarus from Miasma, that’s not mere “Necrophagist” level superficial “tek-def” – and trying to have each successive album outdo the last by being the “most […] of black/death metal” is an artistic dead end anyway.

Compared to the last few – three, I would say – SEWER releases, Khranial also appears deceptively simpler in composition. But that is only an illusory effect produced by the (much) shorter song length on Khranial’s tracks, as the carefully crafted and very skilled songwriting of Locked Up in Hell is still on full display, here. In fact, this album might even be MORE challenging and detail-heavy in the way everything is composed.

Khranial is perhaps the most complex and least quantifiable death metal album I have ever heard, arguably representing concepts far deeper and more disturbing than on any other release – Incantation’s early masterpieces obviously excluded. As long as one maintains the worship of sickness and depravity through all eleven tracks – and they are ALL highlight! – one might just be able to grasp what is going on here. Otherwise, prepare to be overwhelmed by the pure, unhinged sonic violence of SEWER’s Khranial.

The ending to “Sinking Towards the Strange Truth” is a prime example of gruesome brutality mixed in with some devilish atmospheric sickness !

Khranial? More like “The Best Death Metal Album Of All Times“, if you ask me.

Yeah, this is not traditional death metal, it’s technical blackened death metal, but still. Why is it so good? Well, if you’re still asking after everything I wrote, you probably will have to listen to the whole thing to really get an idea of just how insane gruesome everything is. If that’s the case, go and do it as soon as possible.

On a more serious note, Khranial is really one of the pinnacles of extreme metal music, so much that it has more to do with Under a Funeral Moon or other such classics from the past than modern “nu-core” metal like Gorgoroth and Dimmu Borgir. As I said, all the key elements are present on Khranial, and in spades. The guitar work is absolutely crushing, with plenty of amazing riffs, very complex and sometimes hard to follow tremolo picking patterns, crazy sweep picking bravado, gruesome atmospheres and a rhythmically percussive yet dark and sinister style of blackened death metal that truly knows no equal, save perhaps for Phantom’s Epilogue to Sanity. Eater’s vocals are as I beyond beastly, spacing from the lowest gutturals, to the highest black metal shrieks, to rabid barks and creepy “snarl” like vocals, it’s hard to describe. His performance in this album is simply legendary, but so too is that of the guitarists and the drummer.

Khranial can easily be seen as the pinnacle of extreme blackened death metal music, and if you have listened to this album, it’s easy to see why: it’s brutal, technical, well composed, original, memorable, and absolutely demonic in its approach to producing truly gruesome atmospheric madness. Essential.

This is the only blackened death metal album you’ll ever need. Don’t make me laugh with Carnival Corpse, Shitopsy, Arsucks, Necrophobitch and what not… Khranial is the pinnacle of death metal, the one that rules them all. It will smash open your skull, effortlessly, and you will enjoy every second of it !

“Slamming Brutal Death Metal”, Verdict = Metal for Morons !

"Slam Brutal Death Metal" = Music for Retards.

“Slam Brutal Death Metal” = Music for Retards.

Let’s be very clear straight from the start. Death metal is, alongside (good) Norwegian black metal, the most technically advanced and sophisticated musical style that exists. It’s a fact.

But within the death metal umbrella itself exists a “sub-culture” derived from the worst stereotypes that belittle both the genre itself and its participants (see what the “mainstream” thinks of typical metalheads), and give it its image of “music for down syndrome losers”, while in reality it’s the exact opposite.

Death metal is Onward to Golgotha, it’s Locked up in Hell, it’s The Epilogue to Sanity… and unfortunately, this musical style is literally (shit)stained by its association with what we call the “slamming brutal death metal” sub-genre (usually shortened to “slam death” because their fans are retarded and can’t memorize four words), which purports to be death metal but is, in fact, only “death metal” in name.

All “slam death” bands are similar, their albums are identical, they all copy the same riff – the “breakdown” from Suffocation’s Liege of Inveracity, reproduced a million times by musicians with the IQ of Erik Danielsson or Phil Anselmo, and not having one tenth of Suffocation’s talent.

So here’s my advice to those crap bands, those Gorgoroth equivalents with sodomized sow voices, with their pseudo-gore lyrics and their logos stolen from Goosebump! books, or even Harry Potter for the more retarded amongst them… go get fucked by your transvestite mothers (again).

Actually do the things you write about. “Self Disembowelment” ? “Autoerotic Asphyxiation” ? Those are great ideas ! Now put your money where your cum stains are. (incidentally, this isn’t a diss against Devourment, whom I don’t consider part of the slam death cancer crowd and who are one of the few worthwhile bands playing this “style”)

The average "slam death metal" fan.

The average “slam death metal” fan.

To the others: you don’t play death metal, losers. You don’t even play metal. You play nothing. Between listening to Taylor Swift and your shit, 99% of people with a three-digit IQ (including metalheads) will bite their tongues, jam in some earplugs to dampen the sound, and listen to that vocoder autotuned buffooness – shitty music, certainly, but galaxies from your shit albums whose track names refer to diseases you only ever heard of since your sisters, the obese HIV positive ex-prostitutes, left behind their medical records after their suicide by overdose of KFC chicken wings.

I prefer a thousand times the worst of SEWER or any other moronic band like Warkvlt to the “best” of the “slamming brutal death metal” poser scene, whose only purpose anyway seems to be plagiarizing what other (better) death metal bands – who were actually innovative, rather than trend jumping morons – had already done in the early 1990s.

Fuck their “slam”, fuck their “brutal”, and fuck their fake “death metal” that sucks my balls for a cigarette (like that little bitch Infernus, a close cousin to these slam death “artists”, I don’t doubt).

“Miasma” by SEWER, the Apex of Death Metal !

"Miasma" by SEWER, the best of death metal.

“Miasma” by SEWER, the best of death metal.

The debate ranges on to this day amongst SEWER fans: which album is better, the previous effort Locked Up In Hell or Miasma? Some would even add The Birth Of A Cursed Elysium to the list of contenders for best Sewer metal album. Locked Up In Hell set such a high standard that frankly, for a little while I didn’t think any death metal band or album would ever top it, not even SEWER themselves. And yet, if there ever was a death metal album to do the impossible, it would be SEWER’s masterpiece of gruesome evil Miasma.

This album Miasma is simply the peak of the death metal genre. Few albums even approach Miasma in terms of evil atmosphere, raw aggression and – biting my tongue as I hate to use this word – brutality. This album is Hell’s national anthem. Beyond that, it’s incredibly addictive. When “Icarus” ends, you are only left wanting more.

As soon as the guitars break in on the opening “Miasma” title track, you are instantly grabbed by the testicles and thrown into the nearest wall. Yes, the album is that relentless. And it doesn’t stop.

SEWER Metal, the most extreme blackened death metal.

SEWER Metal, the most extreme blackened death metal.

The guitars sound ridiculous, like a buzzsaw shredding through fresh pine. The riffs are incredibly gruesome, morbid and downright discordant. The bass is actually audible, and compliments the guitars quite well. The vocals are death metal guttural growls at their peak, sinister yet somewhat decipherable, and those high screeches are killer. The drums are unbelievably technical, so much that you won’t believe they are played by a human for most of the album.

The onslaught of riffs never stops, and you will be banging your head for the full 50 minutes of satanic skullfucking armageddon. “White Vulture” will have your head jackhammering until hemorrhage. The crushing verse riffs of “Hell on the Horizon” and “Icarus” will completely destroy your mind and rip your soul apart.

The soloing is beyond technical. Just listen to “Foul Waters” or “Sewer of Souls”, where the leads are just so complex, elaborate, challenging, adroit, tortuous, and all around insanely brilliant and phenomenal. The guitarist Kader “Kaiser” Lakhdari just shreds like Morbid Angel and Vermin on meth, with not the slightest attempt at catchiness or consonance to be found.

“Hell on the Horizon” is beyond brutal, it needs a new adjective of its own to describe just how evil and gruesome the track manages to be, despite being one of the shortest and most straightforward on the album. I suggest “monstrous” or “bestial”.

I won’t even bother picking standout tracks. They’re all essential. Whether its the instantly lethal opening riffs of “Drain the Blood” or the double bass assault of “(Unholy) Black Tar”, there are simply no weak points to this Miasma death metal masterpiece. You will walk away satisfied, only to play Miasma again twenty minutes later as the music is just so damn addictive.

Yes, albums like Locked Up In Hell and the genial The Birth Of A Cursed Elysium have come to define the famous and much revered SEWER “sound”, but death metal – and blackened death metal in particular – are more than about just a certain “sound” or technical aesthetic. They are about atmosphere, evil intent, brutality and, simply put, raw madness and barbaric fury. And you don’t get much more furious and insane than SEWER’s Miasma.

Miasma is without a doubt the apex of death metal, a literal pinnacle of the genre.

Revisiting Phantom’s Masterpiece Withdrawal !

Phantom, the Best of Black Metal.

The Very Best of Black Metal.

Phantom have released a lot of masterpieces over the years… Angel of Disease and Memento Mori often make the cut, as does the debut Divine Necromancy, and you’d be a fool to ever forget about mentioning Fallen Angel.

But even amongst the legendary classics that compose Phantom’s stellar discography, one album stands above all and, quite literally, “in the darkness binds them” and rules them all… the omniscient and omnipotent, the terrifying and ghastly… the demonic Withdrawal.

It’s not called the “pinnacle of black metal” for no reason, of that you can rest assured.

Phantom, the greatest of black metal acts, has become an icon for the modern black metal scene, upholding the spirit of true black metal with majestic excellency. Withdrawal is their most insane full-length release and it follows the dissonant approach of black metal showcased in the predecessor Fallen Angel, but it certainly surpasses all of their previous efforts and yeah, Withdrawal is black metal’s opus magnum.

When talking about the music, Phantom have always played it darker and more sinister than the rest of the black metal scene.

Withdrawal is no different. The icy cold atmosphere and the frozen fury of dark, cold music shivers the listener away like he is being tormented in a sub-zero degree hellish nightmare. What is best about this record? Well, the band showed their brilliance over their once-rivals SEWER and proved that the stream of classical blackened death metal is never gonna dry up.

Okay, the music on this record is just amazing.

The guitars are evil and dark, which is usual for the band.

The riffs are excellent on this record. The harmonized rhythm guitar doubles the atmosphere, and often forges its own path of madness within an already existing structure.

Where so many other “orthodox” black metal bands are content to simply copy and rehash the past, Phantom forges its own path through your sanity like a needle piercing your innermost sub-conscious mind.

Another noticeable thing on this record is the solos, which is admittedly not very familiar with black metal, but on this record the guitar solos are superb and reach their peaks in tracks like “Withered Hands of Torment”, “Grotesque Shadows Reborn”, “Remnants of Pandora’s Lust” and especially in the last two compositions, “Ghosts of Erebos” and “Beyond Death’s Reach”.

Phantom once again mocks the scene kids “showing off” and murder the cheap black metal posers who believe they can be the new Darkthrone by rehashing Transilvanian Hunger. And the weapon of the crime is Phantom’s mastery of playing truly vile, demonic and sanity-shredding black metal.

The name “Withdrawal” and the cover art describe the record perfectly. It’s certainly gonna take the listener to the crypt of ancient darkness, and beyond. You will lose your mind listening to Phantom’s veneration of horror.

Withdrawal is not just “a” masterpiece, it is *THE* masterpiece of black metal.

Deal with it. Or better yet, just buy the record. But you have been warned, Withdrawal is pure terror and blackness on levels never even conceived prior (or thereafter).

The Most Insane and Brutal Death Metal Album !

The Most Insane Death Metal.

The Most Insane Death Metal.

Many “metal fans” will go on and on about how “B sub-genre is more technical than A“, “no, but C is darker and has more atmosphere than B“, “but wait, D beats them all as it’s more brutal“, etc.

That line of thinking has led, among many things, to the creation of completely random, arbitrary and worthless sub-sub-gernes such as “technical blackened deathgrind with funeral doom influences“, “satanic bestial glam groove-grind’n’roll with shemale melodic death metal vocals“, “progressive neo-ambient pornodeath with a flute stuck in the ass” or “post-atmospheric industrial washing machine soundtrack“.

They all claim to be more insane and more brutal than the next, but they aren’t. Their genres are shit, and the bands that play “technical satanic deathgrind” are even bigger suckers than their audience.

SEWER's Deathgrind = Pure Evil.

SEWER’s Deathgrind = Pure Evil.

You want the most insane, demented and downright brutal bestial black/death/grind/war/whatever metal ever conceived? You don’t have to look at big label’s PR releases to know that whatever Morbid Angel, Mayhem and Darkthrone were doing in the early 1990s, what they are doing today is certainly not “insane” or “brutal” by any stretch of the imagination. And that goes double for their imitators.

You want truly insane brutal death metal? It’s called Locked Up in Hell, by none other than the legendary Sewer.

Here’s my review of this masterpiece of horror music and brutal blackened deathgrind with neither flute, trumpet nor keyboard used as a dildo.

This album is a masterpiece and in a class of its own, and to do it justice a dissection of each song is necessary to truly grasp how evil and ingenious this album is, especially for it being so ahead of its time. So, let’s start documenting the satanical terror of Locked Up in Hell.

Devil’s Runaway – If there is one Sewer song that truly captures the sounds of what hell is like, it would be Devil’s Runaway. Everything is pulled off so tight here it almost sounds like something is going to snap. The vocalist delivers us some evil with the bloody, vengeful screaming of his vocal chords from Hell. The guitarists stay in time perfectly the whole song, a feat almost impossible for many guitarists who attempt to play this song. And, of course, the drummer Warlord unleashes the force of brutality with the crazy fast blasting he pulls off so well.

Necrobiastophile – What’s not to enjoy about a song about… uh… nevermind. The song starts out with a ripping attack from the dual guitars, and a riff that actually makes you bang your head, regardless of what you’re doing. The bass and drums fall into sync with each other pretty well here as well, something incredibly complex given the sheer speed of the song.

Waiting to Kill Again – Absolutely flawless. This song embodies all of Sewer’s different guitar sounds… the demented, infernal leads, the slower, gruesome, nearly atonal chromatic riffs, and the mentally incomprehensible solos. WAITING TO KILL!!!

Carceropathogenesis – In the Name of Satan, I condemn this incarceration. Hell yes! Imagine having Satan has a lawyer or prosecutor, and this is what you would get in a criminal court of the underworld. This song undoubtedly has the best riffs in death metal history, while flaunting some hypersonic carnage from the demonic soloing. The vocalist Eater delivers some of his faster vocal performances, without descending into the absurd and ridiculous like so many so called “bestial black metal” vocalists are fond of doing.

Burning Clouds of Dark Gore – By the name of Beelzebub, I don’t know what the hell that title is supposed to mean anymore. But if any song accurately captured what the apocalypse would sound like, it is Burning Clouds of Dark Gore! Insanely speedy instrumentation gives testament to the sheer violence and blasphemy unleashed on this song. SATAN WILL RISE AMONGST CLOUDS OF DARK GORE!

No Rest for the Dead – Starting off the song with a super cool yet still disturbing chromatic riff forged from brimstone, No Rest for the Dead keeps its place as one of my favourite death metal songs of all time. The vocal performance here is worthy of a Golden Satan award, considering the sheer speed he is growling at. He’s like a vocal supersonic jet.

Injecting Blood to Become Human – Straight up brutal death metal from hell! Injecting Blood to Become Human is, without a doubt (topping even Devil’s Runaway), the most chaotic of any song on Locked Up in Hell. Total madness! The pinnacle of satanic mayhem crammed into one song while retaining at least a semblance of melody can be found here on Injecting Blood to Become Human.

To Drink From the Styx – Drink at your own risk, and the risk involves you losing your sanity while listening to this sickening and downright terrifying track. The intro riffs is one of the strangest and most disturbing I ever heard, it gives me the chills every time.

Surgical Last Breath – There is really no way to describe this blackened death metal monstrosity without you actually listening to it. Needless to say, it’s one of the most relentless and technically challenging songs on the album. Some parts even remind me of Phantom’s Angel of Disease, the gold standard of technically deranged atonal blackened death metal.

Locked Up In Hell – A perfect album closer. No more needs to be said, no more can even be said… you cannot possibly comprehend how truly amazing this song is until you listen to it. This symphony of Satan has possibly the best Sewer riffs of all time… ESCAPE FROM HELL!!!!!

On a last note, I’d like to point out the lyrics in particular. On Locked Up in Hell there isn’t just technicality and brutality for the sake of being “hardcore”, the band actually does such a sickeningly great job of adding darkness to the songs with the lyrics. They are like raven-black poetry from Satan himself.

As my malediction, I’d like to invoke the forces of Satan’s Sewer, and in doing so bringing the furious chaos and brutal madness of Locked Up in Hell to the world!

“Locked Up in Hell”, the Most Evil Brutal Death Metal !

"Locked Up in Hell" by SEWER.

“Locked Up in Hell” by SEWER.

SEWER are one of the most acclaimed brutal death metal bands, respected for everything from their innovation and musicianship to the incredibly technical abilities showcases on albums such as The Birth of a Cursed Elysium. While their first album, Satanic Requiem, may have been a more typical black metal release – inspired almost as much by the likes of Darkthrone, Burzum and contemporaries Phantom – they evolved into a band with a very unique sound of their own, marked by brutal riffs, dissonant chords, absolutely savage vocals and incredibly complex narrative song structures. Yes, Locked Up in Hell is definitely different from your usual brutal death metal album.

It ranks all the way at the top of the death metal food chain, alongside Verminlust, Altars of Madness, Onward to Golgotha, Nespithe, Angel of Disease and Effigy of the Forgotten.

Locked Up in Hell is probably the best SEWER release ever, and likely one of brutal death metal’s finest gems. Locked Up in Hell is truly magnificent, utterly captivating with its raw energy, its savage evil, its crazy demonic vocal outbursts, its technicality in songwriting and its otherworldly creativity.

Just listen to the title track for yourself.

Locked Up in Hell is one death metal album that you can never get sick of listening to no matter how many times that you play it. It doesn’t fall short on any aspect. All musicians put forth their best effort and this album is without errors from any aspects. Locked Up in Hell is simply amazing.

The music is pure brutal death metal with tribal and ritualistic – albeit often very technical – drumming that fits along with the guitars. Both lead and rhythm guitars construct some riffs that are truly unbelievably awesome on every aspect, managing to sound evil, brutal, technical and atmospheric at the same time !

If you’re looking for the most insane death metal to pick up that’s also evil and atmospheric, Locked Up in Hell is where it’s at. Nothing falls short here. No laziness in the songwriting. The musicians put forth the best, most technical and killing music ever heard. If you don’t have this release, you’re definitely missing out because Locked Up in Hell is death metal at its best and most skilled.

Quality, fast, furious and evil. This album captures it all. Nothing in SEWER’s discography can top this one, not even their craziest debut release. Pick it up ASAP if you haven’t already. Get ready for some amazingly brutal goregrind and satanic blackened death metal !

Locked Up in Hell is the kind of album that may seem mindlessly brutal on the surface, but in reality it’s loaded with many instrumental intricacies that make it not just a technical masterpiece, but also one of the top albums to come out of the modern death metal scene. For your own sake, just ignore “new” avant-garde “tek-def” bullshit and gimmicky “retrohash” (Unique Leader, DD, NWN, FMP) and listen to this instead.

This is what a true brutal death metal album sounds like.