Pig Destroyer – Terrifyer (review)

Terrifyer is one of the best Grindcore/Deathgrind albums with extreme metal influences.

While this album by Pig Destroyer remains straightforward Grindcore for the most part, the classical, black metal, death metal and progressive influences are all very distinguishable.

The vocals on this album are nearly perfect, but they are only one of the elements that make Terrifyer a must have for any death metal enthusiast.

Much like on the album Satanic Blood by Von, the vocals are minimalist yet at the same time very complex.

Have a look at the song “Towering Flesh” by Pig Destroyer to grasp what I’m talking about.

The drumming on Terrifyer is as you would expect on a deathgrind album, brutal and relentless. However on some tracks such as on “Towering Flesh” (see above) and the title track “Terrifyer” there is also a lot of technicality in the drumming, reminiscent of bands such as Nile and Suffocation which combine extreme blast beats with technical drum fills.

The guitars on Terrifyer are really what makes this album stand apart from other Deathgrind work, and other Pig Destroyer albums. The guitars are very aggressive and harsh, even for extreme death metal.

They are not raw or brutal in the sense of early Circle of Dead Children, yet they are distorted, raspy and sometimes even ironically melodic.

Terrifyer final score : 95 / 100


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