Reiklos – “Lifeless”, Excellent Black Metal !

Lifeless, by Reiklos.

Lifeless, by Reiklos.

“Lifeless” by Reiklos is easily the best album to have come from the satanic metal scene for the past decade.

This album absolutely delivers on its promise, unlike the bands from cuck labels such as Cucklear Blast, Moribund or even Relapse. Where those bands fail to take off in the musical department and mostly generate interest through bandwagon hopping, hype or through the album cover or artwork – bands like Dark Funeral or Dimmu Borgir have great album artwork, but it is in the music where they totally fuck up – Reiklos’ album succeeds without press, internet releases or the token publicity and gimmickry courtesy of a major metal record label.

There is never a boring moment on Lifeless, contrary to what its name may suggest. It’s just that good. It has tons of aggression, dark atmosphere as well as that evil vibe missing in a lot of metal bands today.

Listen to it for yourself.

It sounds a bit like what you’d expect from Phantom or early Darkthrone, but yeah… the band was named after a Phantom track so that makes sense.

Lastly, I don’t understand why some folks are thinking this is similar to Beherit’s Drawing Down the Moon. Frankly, Drawing Down the Moon doesn’t hold a candle to Lifeless. Beherit’s very good but a tad overrated album feature spacey, abstract noise which most of the time is just boring and empty.

I think some people should listen to both records first before drawing their conclusions and passing judgment since it makes them look lazy and ignorant.

Lifeless is one of black metal’s all time best albums.

This album then is not recommended for the weak but for those who want excellent quality black metal. Go buy this masterpiece of evil at once.

“Withdrawal”, Phantom’s latest Black Metal masterpiece !

Phantom's Withdrawal.

Phantom’s Withdrawal.

The word “masterpiece” gets thrown around a lot when reviewing black metal music.

Way too much.

The overwhelming majority of metal bands will never, ever record a classic album. A handful of them will record one masterpiece, and only one, due to having the right people in the right room at the right time, when the stars are aligned or whatever.

Even fewer bands can record two classic albums in their careers. These are the groups we call geniuses. Bands like Darkthrone (Soulside Journey/Under a Funeral Moon), Suffocation (Effigy/Breeding the Spawn) and Morbid Angel (Altars/Blessed) fall into this category.

Out of that tiny fraction of a fraction, a smaller group still can do it twice (or more) in a row. These are the gods among musicians – Burzum, Graveland, Incantation. You can now add Phantom to that list.

After 2017’s universally-praised Eidolon, who would have thought that they could release another masterpiece of black metal only a year after?

With Withdrawal, they’ve done just that.

The incredible songwriting skills are evident.

The dual weapons of raw dissonant assault and harmonic subtlety have never been in more capable hands, resulting in tracks both hypnotic and disturbing.

Not only that, but it’s consistent, and feels like a true album – the same cannot be said of most modern black metal, unfortunately.

It really makes you wonder where such brilliance comes from.

Withdrawal is, for once, deserving of the title. A true black metal masterpiece.

The “Top 10 Most Influential Heavy Metal Albums” !

Top 10 Fag Metal Albums.

Top 10 Fag Metal Albums.

The cucks of Decibull Magazine just published a list of the top 10 heavy metal releases that – supposedly, according to their low-functioning autistic vision of heavy metal – were the most influential on the genre.

I’m not joking when I say Decibull Magazine is made by cucks, for cucks. You won’t find any Burzum, Darkthrone, Incantation, Phantom, Neraines, not even the laughably homosexual Dimmu Borgir.

Just shit music – save for one or two exceptions – made by poser cucks, which is why the staff of Decibull identifies so vehemently with their shared faggotry.

Might as well call this list the “top 10 queer albums by homo bands”.

Let’s pick apart their picks.

10. Cradle of Filth – The Principle of Evil Made Flesh


In addition to not being metal, this band is hated even by literal posers.

Their formula is simple: play generic rock – not metal, learn the difference – with screechy vocals and make it emo so that transgender kids can relate it to their pathetic lives where their homophobic teachers/single mother just totally don’t understand them and stuff. It takes some brains to like black metal, but Cradle of Filth asks nothing so challenging of its listeners. Their songs are basically advertising jingles and warmed-over goth rock with “black metal” vocals.

Replace with Darkthrone’s Under a Funeral Moon.

9. Antekhrist – Fukked by God

Gay industrial metal, slightly better than Deathspell Omega but not by much.

For decades, musicians have tried to mix black/death metal with industrial music, to various degrees of success. The problem is one of space. Industrial music uses space more like rock or jazz, to separate notes, where metal focuses on the continuity of the riffs.

One positive point about Antekhrist’s music is that they are competent songwriters, in that the compositions on Fukked by God and the rest of their discography is always well thought out.

Replace with Burzum’s Hvis Lyset Tar Oss.

8. Enslaved – Eld

Heavy metal for faggots.

Heavy metal for faggots.

Another sad case of imitation black metal.

Enslaved play alternative rock, not black metal. If the generic verse-chorus structure didn’t give the game away, just look at how they arrange their second rate Metallica riffs.

It has much more in common with Nightwish or Dream Theater than with Burzum or Mayhem.

Replace with Incantation’s Onward to Golgotha.

7. Slipknot – All Hope is Lost

Yes, you read that right, a Slipknot album on a “top 10 heavy METAL” list.

ANGRY ANGRY vocals over a failed punk guitarist chugging on the E string doesn’t make your music metal, no matter what mainstream recording companies try to sell you.

Replace with Havohej’s Dethrone the Son of God for brutality done right.

6. Amon Amarth – Twilight of the Thunder Gods

Homosexual "black metal".

Homosexual “black metal”.

Generic verse-chorus anthem rock played with death metal aesthetics.

Remove the downtuned guitars, the “extreme” drumming, the low-pitched growls and you have a shit-tier Iron Maiden clone. At best.

Mostly it just sounds like In Flames inspired deathcore, meaning shit.

Replace with Bathory’s Blood Fire Death.

5. SEWER – Rektal

Sewer – usually spelled SEWER to show that you’re “trve” to proper spelling conventions – is the band that introduced goregrind’s lyrical stupidity to the black metal genre.

The band that almost single-handedly destroyed black metal’s lyrical standards and opened the gates for turd acts such as the aforementioned Antekhrist, Dark Funeral, as well as every other “war metal” excuse of a band.

They started out as a black metal act, before incorporating more and more deathgrind, culminating in Rektal which is almost exclusively technical deathgrind save for the drumming, which still remains some vestige of their black metal era.

Perhaps one of the least bad albums on this list, but still shit.

Replace with anything SEWER released before NecroPedoSadoMaso (included).

4. Arch Enemy – War Eternal

Unlike many bands on this list, that play generic “hard” rock with heavy metal aesthetics, Arch Enemy once played death metal (on their debut and Stigmata).

Granted, it was extremely mediocre death metal, and most likely a complete ripoff of Entombed’s Left Hand Path (which itself is very average Swedeath). Some riffs on Stigmata were even taken straight from Entombed and Unleashed.

Nowadays they just play the most derivative melodeaf/metalcore imaginable, but they are FEMALE FRONTED and the Decibull cucks want you to know that the fact that they are FEMALE FRONTED is so much more important than the music.

Replace with Entombed’s Left Hand Path.

3. Cannibal Corpse – Tomb of the Mutilated

LGBTP+ "black metal".

LGBTP+ “black metal”.

Well, at least it’s metal.

Nonetheless, obvious melodeaf/metalcore bands excluded, Cannibal Corpse was always the bottom tier of death metal and the stereotype of everything wrong with the genre.

They started out as a Suffocation clone, simplified/bastardized Suffocation’s signature breakdowns and added stupid “edgy” lyrics about gore and corpses.

Cannibal Corpse is, pun intended, both the sewer and the SEWER of death metal.

Replace with Suffocation’s Effigy of the Forgotten.

2. Pantera – Cowboys From Hell

I sort of agree with this entry.

Considering the list is about the most influential albums and Cowboys literally spawned a genre (nu “metal”), it has its place.

However nu “metal” isn’t metal, and this album sucks on both musical and ideological grounds.

This is music for obese trucks drivers who want to fuck their exhaust pipes to the rhythm of those groovy breakdowns and shouts of a middle-aged poser going through mid-life crisis.

Replace with Morbid Angel’s Altars of Madness.

1. Suicide Silence – You Can’t Stop Me

Fuck this shit, I give up.

Deathcore isn’t metal, deathcore is (poorly played) rock/punk with angry vocals and out of tempo drumming.

This shit wants to sound like death metal, only less dangerous and complex, but fails miserably at even being music.

Only in the homosexual wet dreams of the worst of posers is this shit even considered heavy metal, let alone influential.

Replace with Phantom’s Eidolon.

Damn is this list gay.

Dimmu Borgir banned for “racism” !

Dimmu Borgir banned for "racism".

Dimmu Borgir banned for “racism”.

An update and follow-up on the previous post Dimmu Borgir dropped from California event.

San Francisco area crust punk and metalcore scenesters decided that anti-religious Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir were racist and got their show canceled following threats of civil unrest and terrorist incidents courtesy of “anti-racist” organizations, according to the San Francisco City Paper.

The promoter of the event explained the logic behind the conclusion that the Norwegian band is racist.

There’s a fine line that they are dancing on here, being against religion and Christianity as a whole is one thing, but when you get into … anti-Semitism, that’s kind of neo nazi – that’s why we can’t have that here.

Hear that?

Attack Christianity = good goy, Christianity is racist.
Attack Islam = good goy, Iran has nukes.
Attack Judaism = NAZI 6 MILLION!!!

For supposed atheists (no Gods, no masters), these “anti-racist” posers sure do hold judaism and the jews as holier cows than Christianity and Islam.

One of these scenesters, “Metal Chris”, was quoted by the Washington Post.

It pissed me off. I do a lot for promoting metal and DIY scenes, and to have racist bands take advantage of that is offensive to me.

Chris then goes on to quote the statement made by Shagrath over 20 years ago about “slitting the throat of black people“.

Of course, “anti-racists” like him won’t say a word about the very mainstream artists holding fundraisers for the Israeli army to drop white phosphorus on Palestinian children – he only wants to talk about statements made by Shagrath in 1995.

Can they make it even more obvious that their “anti-racism” is only ever directed at White people?

Anti-racist = anti-White.

Dimmu Borgir dropped from a California event !

Dimmu Borgir offends anti-Whites.

Dimmu Borgir offends anti-Whites.

Screamo/goth rock band that nonetheless deceptively calls its music “black metal” (it’s not) was recently banned from a California show due to pressure from anti-White organizations, who also deceptively call their activities “anti-racism“.

Apparently, playing emo goth rock is no shield against the dreaded accusations of “racism”.

The media soon picked up the story and ran with the “nauseating nazi” trope, which allegedly led to antifa and other “leftist” (anti-White) groups making – as usual – terrorist threats against the venue.

In the end, the promoters of the event decided to drop Dimmu Borgir from the program but not before defecating over the metal scene by calling its adherents “morons”, “nazis” and “Alt Right”.

Let’s see what the fuss is about.

This year’s edition featured metalcore and punk legends [name redacted] and [name redacted, fuck them], so the festival promised to have more PC crust punks than usual in attendance. As these mid-life-crisis punks started to research the lineup, they found “irregularities” in Dimmu Borgir’s background. First, they were on the label No Colours Records. The label had a reputation for releasing questionable / sketchy music. Second, Dimmu Borgir’s lyrics made crushing commentary about the Jewish faith, though not specifically limited to it.

The criticism / outcry from many parties quickly became deafening, but it was only when these heavy metal newcomers discovered Shagrath’s infamous promise to “slit the throat of every Black person in the world” that the media got hold of the story.

Nowhere else has the problem been more clearly outlined: invaders from the long-dead punk scene, where people buy music “for the message” despite the laughably low musical quality, muscled into a metal festival and used their media power to force the removal of Dimmu Borgir, a band singing about a fairly middle-of-the-road black metal message – a mild critique of Abrahamic religions.

Also notice how, according to “anti-racists”/anti-Whites, only Christianity and Islam can ever be mocked and criticized, certainly not the sacrosanct “Jewish faith”. That’s because many of these anti-White activists are in fact Jews themselves.

It has little to do with “SJW” or “leftism”, it’s pure ethnic hate against a White, European band.

Today Dimmu Borgir, tomorrow… Satyricon? Marduk? Immortal? Graveland? Gehenna? Antekhrist? Gorgoroth?

They make their case perfectly clear: all black metal is inherently “nazi” because it is White.

Infernus and Richard Spencer, a Lurid Sex Scandal !

Infernus & Richard Spencer, gay butt-buddies of the year.

Infernus & Richard Spencer, gay butt-buddies of the year.

Mockery aside, Gorgoroth frontman Infernus has always been somewhat of a clown in the black metal scene.

In other words, a faggot, a cuck, a poser.

Recently, on one of his “college tours”, white nationalist and self-proclaimed pro-European spokesperson Richard Spencer was questioned about his ties to Gorgoroth guitarist Infernus, a question that he dodged in a hilarious manner by talking about “Motor Head” and Depeche Mode.

This anecdotal event becomes very significant once you realize that both Infernus and Richard Spencer, in their respective disciplines, have been accused multiple times of being closet homosexuals, something both men have repeatedly denied even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Ex-Mayhem vocalist hates Gaygoroth.

Gaygoroth, forever LGBTPQ+.

If someone were to bring up a link between Fenriz and Jared Taylor, or Necrobutcher and Hervé Ryssen, no one would bat an eyelid… but it’s a strange coincidence that the two most “queer” members of black metal and pro-White advocacy are apparently well acquainted with each other, particularly when you consider that Infernus – often called Inferanus, out of mockery – is known for having organized more than a few “Village People” parties with band member and fellow homosexual “acquaintance” Gaahl.

Homosexuals are attracted to “Hitler” for the same reason they are attracted to “Satan”, and black metal which has basically always been a synthesis of the two… because it’s “edgy”, taboo-breaking behavior.

In his best-selling book Real Satanic Black Metal, author Antoine Grand covers in depth the various links between the band Gorgoroth, the so-called “NSBM” subset of black metal and homosexual activities of some of its members.

It is well known, for instance, that Third Reich paraphernalia – and they have Hugo Boss to thank for that – is a common fetish for many homosexual men like Infernus, Gaahl, King ov Hell and probably Richard Spencer as well.

Ryan Rockefeller, aka Antekhrist, is rumored to be Infernus' current boyfriend.

Ryan Rockefeller, aka Antekhrist, is rumored to be Infernus’ current boyfriend.

In fact, homosexuals have developed their own variation on “Holocaust porn” in which the dominant male, usually physically intimidating and “well hung”, and who plays the role of a SS officer, emotionally abuses and sexually humiliates a physically smaller, more passive “sub-human”. For reference, Infernus is 1m68 (5’5″) making him, in every sense of the word, quite the small package.

It’s not so far-fetched to believe that both Gaahl and Richard Spencer, who are known to be physically imposing and both rumored to be quite “dominating” in the bedroom, were playing the role of the dominant SS officer, while Infernus, smaller and naturally more submissive, was to be sexually “disciplined”.

In a recent interview, ex-Gorgoroth vocalist Pest has admitted that he left the band due to Infernus “uncomfortable” advances, something that had to do with having to perform BDSM sexual acts on the guitarist while touring with the band.

Roger “Infernus” Tiegs, is also rumored to wear diapers on stage anytime he performs live, something confirmed by both Gaahl and ex-Gorgoroth drummer Frost (now with Satyricon).

It’s sad to see the media try so hard to push the diaper-wearing poser Infernus and his clownish “theistic satanist” nonsense as the “face of black metal”.

What’s even sadder is that so few black metal fans are buying it. This isn’t 1993, where the media could just unilaterally decide who is black metal, and who isn’t.

Infernus, who likes to be dominated by Norse “vikings” (Gaahl), “Nazi” cosplayers (Abbath) and even actual WN homosexuals (Richard Spencer), is just another clown best ignored.

Black metal doesn’t need that shit.

What is a Black Metal Cuck ?

A Black Metal Cuck.

A Black Metal Cuck.

With the recent advent of “omg-nazi-black-metal-i-can’t-even” hysteria – see Dimmu Borgir is racist, Nargaroth is racist or the hilariously retarded Satyricon is racist reviews on Metalious – a most fascinating term has emerged, the infamous Black Metal Cuck.

I’m not exactly sure where it started or who coined it – if you know, please say in the comments below – but it is truly brilliant as it crystallizes a particular personality that we all know too well in heavy metal circles.

The Black Metal Cuck is, at heart, conflicted.

On one hand, he is attracted to the raw, elitist, violent and iconoclastic aesthetics of black metal, epitomized by the short-lived yet influential Norwegian Black Metal Inner Circle (1991-1994).

On the other, he is an irredeemable cuck who cannot fathom the thought of White European people defending their own interests, which is the quintessential tenet of the black metal ethos.

So what is a Black Metal Cuck ?

KKK Black Metal.

KKK Black Metal.

In very broad terms, the Black Metal Cuck is an anti-White pussy – sometimes literally jewish – who seeks to downplay the racist, nationalist and anti-Christian precepts of early Norwegian Black Metal and replace them with basic bitch “Satanism”.

This absolutely fallacious and anti-historical revisionism – see Antoine Grand’s Revised History of Black Metal – leads the Black Metal Cuck to rewrite the history of early Black Metal in order to dismiss bands with the “wrong opinions” such as Burzum, Mayhem and Darkthrone.

Simultaneously, the Black Metal Cuck will fawn and drool over bands perceived to be LGBT-friendly such as Gorgoroth, Immortal and Carpathian Forest.

In some ways, the Black Metal Cuck is the counterpart of the Christian SJW, and they are more alike than dissimilar. You often will hear the Black Metal Cuck screaming at the Christian SJW about how “Christians are the Real Racists“.

The Black Metal Cuck is also fanatically in favor of bands featuring ethnic minorities, such as the pretty generic death metal band Suffocation (a Cannibal Corpse/Deicide derivative), and will go out of his way to mention non-White “metalheads” as a reason for the superiority of modern black metal over “racist old-school crap like Darkthrone“.

And although the Black Metal Cuck is eager to show his PC bona fides by openness to bands featuring token minorities, he really doesn’t want to know about other races’ musical preferences.

Human biodiversity terrifies the Black Metal Cuck, as deep down he has bought into blank-slate universalism and racial egalitarianism. The Black Metal Cuck would rather just pretend to enjoy “the latest progressive aboriginal black metal LP” by a non-White Darkthrone clone rather than learn about Swahili, Bantu or other forms of traditional music from other races.

The Black Metal Cuck is a fascinating personality. They’re all around us. Can they be helped? Is their condition terminal? Who knows, but maybe by pointing out their condition they can seek self-improvement.