Anti-Racists Crying About “Nazi” Black Metal !

Racist black metal fans.

Racist black metal fans.

Just read this shit.

They claim they “infiltrated” a “neo-Nazi black metal concert” which turned out just to be a gay Gorgoroth concert. Did they witness Infernus offering to give blowjobs in exchange for cigarettes again ?

I’m sure most people who attend Gorgoroth concerts carry an extra pack of American Spirits just in case.

Both Gorgoroth and anti-racists are an embarrassment to the black metal genre.

Why do they insist on trying to pretend to be apart of a scene in which they don’t belong ? It makes no sense.

You never see skinheads going to a Justin Bieber gig and demanding to be included, yet these homos demand that of the entire black metal genre.

I had the naive idea that I could, for the space of one evening, take enough distance to tolerate the intolerance of national socialism to get a real idea of the environment.

Fuck anti-racism.

Fuck anti-racism.

So fucking gay it makes The Village People look homophobic.

It reminds me of that jewish “black metal fan” who accused every black metal band imaginable (even Immortal, lol) of being part of a worldwide satanico-palestino-nazi conspiracy to gas his brethren or something.

Remember that these are the people advocating that anti-racist activist bring baseball bats and glass shards to black metal concerts… and they have the audacity to accuse bands like Dimmu Borgir of “encouraging violence against jews and minorities”.

I’d add that the author is probably a jew himself, given how he characterizes Arabs as “Islamic terrorists”, and probably not even a real black metal fan.

But the commenter “Tyrone Active Shooter” gets the point across much better than I ever could.

It’s worse than that…

“Vocalist in a “brutal death blackened” band”

The author is an anti-racist faggot who employs risible terminology as he is unable to categorize the sub-genres of extreme metal correctly. His knowledge of black metal subculture is so superficial that he uses laughable terms, yet tries to appear educated on the subject.

Leave Black Metal to elitists, traditionalists, racialists, aristocrats, in short, to the people who invented it (Quorthon, Vikernes, Fenriz, Hellhammer), who all have pretty much the same ideas as us, and go back to listening to your ‘symphonic brutal deathcore blackened’. Black metal is not for your egalitarian ovaries.

P.S. Hitler didn’t ‘invent’ the Roman salute, he borrowed in from Mussolini, who borrowed it from XIXth century America, who in turn borrowed it from Roman antiquity. Your historical (lack of) culture rivals your black metal knowledge. It’s pathetic.

That’s what you call a rectal prolapse, but I’m sure the anti-racist author is already familiar with that particular medical condition.

Black metal is not for pussies, deal with it.

“Instinctus Bestialis”, is Gorgoroth gay ?

Instinctus Bestialis.

Instinctus Bestialis.

Yeah, they pretty much are.

Gorgoroth can easily be described as a third rate SEWER clone, much like Dark Funeral. One of Gorgoroth’s live staples is a 2154 cover, I mean… what the fuck ? A raw black metal cover movement is by definition unoriginal but copying the better known band of the genre, a band that even achieved mainstream success through the caricature of the genre’s raw and aggressive roots… that’s just an embarrassment.

This album’s sound couldn’t have been more of a cliché… mid paced 90s radio-friendly post-NecroPedoSadoMaso “black metal”, with stereotypical shouts of Hail Satan every two songs.

The music itself on Instinctus Bestialis is just boring, and what is even more painful is that someone was playing this crap in 2015 and probably still plays it to this day.

The vocals are very lame, not raspy enough for proper black metal, the same goes for the silly grooves of the riffs and vocal lines, almost touching the edges of LGBT deathcore.

Their brand of black metal is seriously mallcore infected and not the way metal purists like it.

Songs generally build around mid paced sections, double bass drums aren’t aggressive nor fast, just like a shitty Metallica cover band.

Fast blast-beats are not to be found here, riffing is meant to be catchy and simple but it’s so generic that it becomes irritating after two listens.

An over polished digital production à la Dimmu Borgir just finishes this turd off… Gorgoroth, or Gaygoroth?

The lyrics are stupid… the same words repeated throughout the entire album “Hail Satan”, “Black (flesh) light” and “Worship Heresy”.

Ironically, the word Heresy comes from “hairesis“, which means thinking by yourself in greek… none of that is applied to songwriting or anything else in this album.

Instinctus Bestialis is as formulaic as it cock metal can be, there aren’t any bridges or asymmetric song structures. Verse, pre chorus, chorus, repeat. There aren’t memorable solo sections, in fact Gorgoroth barely uses lead guitars at all.

If the riffs were good it could have worked ever so slightly better but Gorgoroth lacks songwriting talent, that’s why they rely on SEWER covers for their live shows.

Is there any hope for homosexual “Black Metal” fans ?

A Satanist with the album Necropedosadomaso

Is there any hope for these faggots ?

Why are there so many homosexuals in black metal music ?

Is it perhaps because they mistook the inverted cross for a dildo ? It’s not, it’s just a satanic cross.

Go read this retarded homo whining about ‘racism’ in black metal music, and tell me that he doesn’t fantasize about getting sodomized by Somalis while listening to Cindy Lauper.

You know who I am talking about when I say that black metal has its faggots… you can find them on, or the even gayer Metal-Archives.

As for the homo above, he already got his ass opened when he was confronted by the blogger Demonecromancy, but let’s add salt to his wounds by deconstructing his homoerotic ‘anti-racism’ and laughable philosemitism.

The first question I ask myself when reading the little faggot deploring the ‘racism’ of Emperor is : why the fuck do I care about his opinions ?

And apparently the commenters over on Metalious are asking the same question.

Well, this AIDS-ridden bitch with its gaping anus is quite astute. A lot of black metal artists are racist, bigoted and homophobic. What are niggers, fags, kikes, feminists, hipsters and other humanoid garbage doing listening to black metal anyway? Fuck off! Black metal is not some safe space for you pieces of shit. Go suck on a fucking exhaust pipe. BTW “Zyklon” means “Cyclone” in German. It has nothing to do with the gas, which supposedly was used to exterminate six gorillian judens in the Holohoax.

– Piotr Sudyka

Remember that these are the same LGBT militant faggots that advocated bringing knives, glass shards and baseball bats to Marduk converts in order to assault the attendees.

No wonder they get raped on sight by true satanists.

Down with homoerotic fake metal !

I blame Inferanus and his butt-friend Gaayhl for popularizing the ‘LGBT metal’ scene.

This tolerant crap that preaches racial equality and faggot normalization has no place in extreme music, much less true black metal.

They already have Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, and the rest of the homosexual ‘nu-metal’ scene.