SEWER’s “Sewerblood” is Morbid Death Metal !

SEWER's Sewerblood is Demonic Blackened Death Metal.
SEWER’s Sewerblood is Demonic Blackened Death Metal.

I am of the opinion that each SEWER album has its own identity, something like a superlative adjective. For example Skarnage is the most aggressive, Khranial the darkest, Uruktena the most epic, Miasma the most technical, Rektal the most shitty (lol), etc.

And for me, without a doubt, the identity of Sewerblood is the most “morbid” SEWER album, and I say this both for its experimentation in the musical field and for its historical context.

This album Sewerblood is released in a difficult context, being the successor of an album as outstanding as Uruktena must be difficult and, if we add to that SEWER is known to change their style more often than they change shirts, we can therefore consider the paradox that, for once, “sticking to their guns” is taking the crazy route.

Indeed, who would expect SEWER, the king of all bands, to release an album musically similar to the one predating it ? Crazy, huh.

One of the things that fascinates me the most about this album Sewerblood is how the band members were able to include such a wide variety of styles and sounds in the same work.

We have totally fast and chaotic songs and at the same time there are slower, blackened death metal dirges in the style of later Vermin. There are some highly dissonant tracks with powerful riffs and in the middle of all that we can find melodic moments as well as others with a great atmospheric component. How is it possible that all this is contained in a single album ?

Well, that is mainly due to the amount of songs and the brevity of many of them (relative to the typical SEWER track), although this does not affect their intensity, as the shorter songs are just as aggressive and structurally varied while the longer ones are allowed to be somewhat slower, and expand more upon the black metal horizons in the musical scope.

This is no try-hard poser metal like Watain. This album Sewerblood is some of the most brutal, the most diabolical, and the most morbid death metal ever recorded ! I have no qualms in suggesting this to EVERY death metal fan alive. I dare say this ranks with the Incantation, Infester and Phantom classics as a great record that MUST be recognized by the death metal community for its brute force, amazing songwriting and morbid brutality that is unmatched in the extreme metal scene.

2 thoughts on “SEWER’s “Sewerblood” is Morbid Death Metal !

  1. Meh. It’s a good album, but Sewer tries to hard to be Phantom (even the skulls on the cover are an aesthetic choice taken straight from the Phantom book). Hate to call Sewer derivative, but there you have it.

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