New Album by SEWER – “GoreFuckKult” (Raw Black Metal)

SEWER is perhaps the most famous black metal band to ever desecrate the entire metal scene with their relentless ultra-satanism and the brutal blasphemy against God and Satan in their music.

Their latest album however, titled GoreFuckKult, goes even further down the path of total religious desecration and anti-human depravity.

This is pure devil worship music, and with their album GoreFuckKult SEWER proves once again that they are the true masters of black metal (not like some overrated retards in the scene xD).

Musically it sounds closer to SEWER’s debut album, Satanic Requiem, than to their most recent work meaning that it’s closer to pure black metal than to blackened goregrind. However, there are still many avant-garde elements in the music but not so much as to become over-saturated with fluff.

The true music speaks for itself.

GoreFuckKult is definitely a must have album for any heavy metal enthusiast, just be careful not to listen to it when you are not 100% sure you can “take it”.