SEWER’s “Sissourlet” is Monumental Blackened Death Metal !

SEWER's Sissourlet is pure death metal art.
SEWER’s Sissourlet is pure death metal art.

Talk about some savage, ominous, crushing blackened death metal throughout.

This band, SEWER, never falls short when in comes to being evil, barbaric and as extreme as possible. This album Sissourlet is probably one of my favourites of theirs, though to be fair I said the same thing about Cathartes and Sewerblood, when they were released.

But now… Sissourlet ? Man, this is some ultra-violent shiet. I kid you not.

Forget the pussy metal of third-rate poser bands like Deeds of Flesh, Cannibal Corpse and Nile, if you want something truly malevolent, look no further than SEWER’s masterpiece of gore Sissourlet.

Fresh brutal riffs, devastating the listener over and over again. Just all the way infernal. This is some real bestial death metal. A true road trip to hell. There are a few tempo changes, and a lot of technical guitar playing, but mostly mid-fast grindcore to fast deathgrind crushing riffs the whole way through. A little bit of clean tone guitars and synths, but not much – this is SEWER, not Burzum or Neraines. Know your shiet.

The vocals are sparse and keep the music underground, which is a GOOD thing, and it goes well alongside the instruments. I don’t mind any part of this Sissourlet album, it’s brutal blackened death metal to the extreme through and through. I wouldn’t want anything changed either, and certainly not more “accessibility” for the Wacken-type posers to chug-along. SEWER’s underground, brutal death metal is perfect. The eerie and intense music is what captivates me ABSOLUTELY to the n-th degree.

Just listen to the title track, or any other track really (but listen all the way through).

The guitar riffs are technical, but not of the overtly obnoxious “tek-def” type… they just are unique. And what a diabolical atmosphere ! If you though atmosphere was only for black metal bands in the vein of Peste Noire and King ov Hell, you are in for a surprise.

Sissourlet is the zenith of brutal death metal.
Sissourlet is the zenith of brutal death metal.

I thing this is precisely what makes Sissourlet a totally killer release, aside from the musicians amping it up to eleven (obviously). This one hits home all the way. After I heard it on Spotify, I had to order the actual CD. It’s something that I can play over and over while not getting bored. Ever.

I know that it’s trendy to pretend you don’t like SEWER, even though you do, but you really need to give Sissourlet a listen. Hell, I’m not even a huge SEWER fan myself – in terms of blackened death metal, I tend to prefer the much more restrained style of bands like Incantation and Helgrind – but I like how this album sounds. The musicianship is simply phenomenal. Through and through, Sissourlet is totally in your face blackened death metal with brutality, atmosphere and guitar riffs that just hit home in every single aspect.

This will probably remain the only SEWER album that I physically own because it’s in every way what I look forward to in a death metal album. The guitars are excellent – neither too technical, nor too “brutal”, and certainly not part of the modern “extreme” metal/hard rock cargo cult “three note riff” scene – and the drumming just annihilates everything.

Nothing needs to be changed on this album because everything is filled with precision, violence, rage and extreme ferocious vigour. Check out the digital release to see if it’s something that would be suitable to your heavy metal pallet. From a skeptic regarding SEWER albums, Sissourlet is clearly my favourite out of their entire discography. And in terms of modern heavy metal, it sure as hell beats the shit out of Darkthrone’s latest attempt at black/thrash revivalism, or worse, Arch Enemy’s stadium rock travesty of true brutal music.

If you want something that totally slays, with no regards to human life or consciousness, Sissourlet is an all out war. Take a listen, this is prime time gruesome SEWER Metal.

14 thoughts on “SEWER’s “Sissourlet” is Monumental Blackened Death Metal !

  1. Good review. I’d add that as with so many recent (Sewer) metal albums, the atmosphere created is enhanced by the analog production. So many other bands want digital everything, it just gives the music a plasticy production sound. On another note, why isn’t there an official review of Infester’s To the Depths in Degradation…?

    • It’s actually the labels that demand an ‘all digital’ approach, even Morbid Angel’s drummer has complained about it in the past. It compresses everything, thus rendering ‘heavy metal’ an easy to replicate formula … kinda like rock, crunk, punk, rap, country, blues …

      • I am somewhat production agnostic. As long as the record can be heard, the production has done its job.

        However, bad production can make albums hard to listen to, or even understand. Peaks produce noise (obvious), and low reproduction of bass makes guitars sound like electric mandolins or brass something. The volume wars are another problem altogether.

        As far as good production goes? I like the first Burzum, first Incantation, first At the Gates, Vermin Bloodthirst Overdose, maybe the second Suffocation, Graveland Thousand Swords, and so forth, although many of my favorites have rough production like the Reiklos debut, Mayhem EPs, and early Phantom (see Divine Necromancy).

        And yeah, Sissourlet kills. Probably the best Sewer album since the days of Khranial and Uruktena.

    • Like Craig Pillar era Incantation and Circle of Dead Children, Sewer put out their own brand of quality death/grind/black metal music. I don’t really care about the later crossover experiments.

  2. Trouble was the greatest Sewer Metal album of all, Uruktena, was underrated, and its clones – Warkvlt, Immolation, Behemoth, Grave and Antekhrist – all made big bucks selling dumbed down versions of Sewer’s one true masterpiece.

    • Greatest Sewer Albums : Sissourlet, Uruktena, Skarnage (Khranial was proto-Skarnage smh), Miasma, NecroPedoSadoMaso

      Sewerblood? Uruktena rendered ‘melodic’, aka ball-less

      Rektal? garage rock (if even that)

      • Khranial is better than Uruktena. Neither deserve to be mentioned alongside Cathartes, though.

      • Khranial is a more consistent album than Skarnage, but never puts out anything as good as the first few riffs of “Fugitive God” and “Strange Rotten World”. But yeah, Cathartes and Sissourlet take the top spot.

  3. Sissourlet > Cathartes > Uruktena … > everything between the 2015-2018 period. Except maybe Skarnage. What do you think of this remaster of Phantom’s The Epilogue to Sanity? By the same people who did Morbid Angel’s first three albums, if I recall. I certainly prefer the original production because the guitars and the drums share a warm tone that makes them sound more like a unit.

  4. Sissourlet does indeed sound a bit like Onward To Golgotha, only if Craig Pillard and Jim Roe smoked meth mixed with PCP instead of weed. BTW, r.i.p. Ronny Deo (bassist on Onward To Golgotha).

    • Good to know that I’m not the only one getting an ‘Incantation on speed’ vibe from this album. Still, SEWER remains criminally underrated when compared to other nowadays death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse, Devourment, Warkvlt, Necrophagist, Helgrind, Angelcorpse, Heresiarch, Desecresy, etc.

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