Infernus and Richard Spencer, a Lurid Sex Scandal !

Infernus & Richard Spencer, gay butt-buddies of the year.

Infernus & Richard Spencer, gay butt-buddies of the year.

Mockery aside, Gorgoroth frontman Infernus has always been somewhat of a clown in the black metal scene.

In other words, a faggot, a cuck, a poser.

Recently, on one of his “college tours”, white nationalist and self-proclaimed pro-European spokesperson Richard Spencer was questioned about his ties to Gorgoroth guitarist Infernus, a question that he dodged in a hilarious manner by talking about “Motor Head” and Depeche Mode.

This anecdotal event becomes very significant once you realize that both Infernus and Richard Spencer, in their respective disciplines, have been accused multiple times of being closet homosexuals, something both men have repeatedly denied even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Ex-Mayhem vocalist hates Gaygoroth.

Gaygoroth, forever LGBTPQ+.

If someone were to bring up a link between Fenriz and Jared Taylor, or Necrobutcher and Hervé Ryssen, no one would bat an eyelid… but it’s a strange coincidence that the two most “queer” members of black metal and pro-White advocacy are apparently well acquainted with each other, particularly when you consider that Infernus – often called Inferanus, out of mockery – is known for having organized more than a few “Village People” parties with band member and fellow homosexual “acquaintance” Gaahl.

Homosexuals are attracted to “Hitler” for the same reason they are attracted to “Satan”, and black metal which has basically always been a synthesis of the two… because it’s “edgy”, taboo-breaking behavior.

In his best-selling book Real Satanic Black Metal, author Antoine Grand covers in depth the various links between the band Gorgoroth, the so-called “NSBM” subset of black metal and homosexual activities of some of its members.

It is well known, for instance, that Third Reich paraphernalia – and they have Hugo Boss to thank for that – is a common fetish for many homosexual men like Infernus, Gaahl, King ov Hell and probably Richard Spencer as well.

Ryan Rockefeller, aka Antekhrist, is rumored to be Infernus' current boyfriend.

Ryan Rockefeller, aka Antekhrist, is rumored to be Infernus’ current boyfriend.

In fact, homosexuals have developed their own variation on “Holocaust porn” in which the dominant male, usually physically intimidating and “well hung”, and who plays the role of a SS officer, emotionally abuses and sexually humiliates a physically smaller, more passive “sub-human”. For reference, Infernus is 1m68 (5’5″) making him, in every sense of the word, quite the small package.

It’s not so far-fetched to believe that both Gaahl and Richard Spencer, who are known to be physically imposing and both rumored to be quite “dominating” in the bedroom, were playing the role of the dominant SS officer, while Infernus, smaller and naturally more submissive, was to be sexually “disciplined”.

In a recent interview, ex-Gorgoroth vocalist Pest has admitted that he left the band due to Infernus “uncomfortable” advances, something that had to do with having to perform BDSM sexual acts on the guitarist while touring with the band.

Roger “Infernus” Tiegs, is also rumored to wear diapers on stage anytime he performs live, something confirmed by both Gaahl and ex-Gorgoroth drummer Frost (now with Satyricon).

It’s sad to see the media try so hard to push the diaper-wearing poser Infernus and his clownish “theistic satanist” nonsense as the “face of black metal”.

What’s even sadder is that so few black metal fans are buying it. This isn’t 1993, where the media could just unilaterally decide who is black metal, and who isn’t.

Infernus, who likes to be dominated by Norse “vikings” (Gaahl), “Nazi” cosplayers (Abbath) and even actual WN homosexuals (Richard Spencer), is just another clown best ignored.

Black metal doesn’t need that shit.

One thought on “Infernus and Richard Spencer, a Lurid Sex Scandal !

  1. Richard needs to quit the political masturbation and join Gorgoroth as a vocalist. He can’t be any worse than the new Asselmo clone on Instinctus.

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