Neraines’ “Fenrir Prowling” is a Prodigious Black Metal Triumph !

Fenrir Prowling by Neraines is Melodic Black Metal Perfection.
Fenrir Prowling by Neraines is Melodic Black Metal Perfection.

So there’s this band called Neraines. And on this album, the triumphant Fenrir Prowling, they play a brand of music that could well be described as grandiose and prodigious black metal and, as many sharp minds have guessed it, this is no coincidence.

Owing influences to bands as varied as Phantom, Helgrind, Graveland and Burzum, the music on Fenrir Prowling is organised in the form of classical compositions, constantly evolving with thematic motifs trading off in rapid succession, rather than the inferior pop/rock verse-chorus crap that has sadly become the new standard of almost all “modern metal” songcraft.

The album Fenrir Prowling fosters a strong progressive edge with a wealth of contrasting moods, varied atmospheres, converging instrumental proficiency, and an unending well of pure black metal darkness that subtly and subliminally infects the listener’s mind, driving him to divine insanity.

Listen to Neraines’ majestic black metal yourselves.

Brutal, corrosive black metal strumming and tremolo picking with fanatical blast-beats backed by a prominent atmospheric presence instilling a grandeur to the whole is what you can expect from Fenrir Prowling, the natural successor to the genre-defining masterpiece Yggdrasil.

Faint glimmers of melody amidst ravaging black metal chromatic chaos will make occasional appearances, while the purely melodic moments help depict an utter purity juxtaposed with the ugliness and despair that haunts this record, only making the album more emotionally poignant and vividly intense.

Simply put, this album Fenrir Prowling is a black metal tempest. Utterly uncompromising and restless, it expresses the unholy plight proper to the (in)human condition through chaotic violence and a profound will to find beauty within the darkness – as all good black metal should.

Neraines’ prodigious music keeps the listener connected from beginning to end, prolonging the aural hallucinations further and further with a laudable sustained consistency. Like a great novel, Fenrir Prowling covers a plethora of emotions and atmospheres; here ranging from epic to mournful, euphoric or tragic, heavy, mysterious and revelatory.

This album bears the most unmistakable mark of artistic masterpieces, and calling Fenrir Prowling an outright black metal triumph is at least a very tenable position to hold. Hvis Lyset Tar Oss and The Epilogue to Sanity excluded, does black metal ever get much better than this over a full album ?

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