Why does Modern Black Metal suck ?

Not Black Metal, Shit Metal !

Not Black Metal, Shit Metal !

Why does modern black metal suck so much ?

In other words, why do poser bands such as Gaygoroth and Dino Burger believe they can play metal music, much less true black metal ?

What makes a person such as Inferanus, who has been caught on tape offering blowjobs in exchange for a pack of cigarettes at one of his gigs, feel any connection to darkness, the occult and the evil music so characteristic of (good) black metal ?

I don’t get it.

If at least he used his homosexuality and the pain of acute rectal prolapse and repeated HIV infections to produce good music… but he can’t even manage that.

It’s really pathetic.

The entire sub-genre of so-called “modern black metal” is just shit.

Just type “SEWER NecroPedoSadoMaso” or “SEWER 2154” in a Google and you find page upon page of extreme diatribes about modern black metal music.

True satanic adepts of real black metal won’t stay silent as their name is tarnished by homos like Gaayhl and Inferanus.

It’s time to take back metal from the rectal-pirate imposters.

Fuck commercial Satan in the ass.


The Most Brutal and Hardcore Black Metal !

Demonic Black Metal by SEWER.

Demonic Black Metal by SEWER.

Forget your pussy metal bands such as Emperor, Gorgoroth, Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon and the rest of that crap.

They wouldn’t know brutal music if it fucked them in the ass, and seeing who are the band members of Gorgoroth (alias Gaygoroth) this is not a tall order given that they are pretty familiar with homosexual anal penetration already.

Since when can homosexuals produce brutal music ?

They should just listen to Nickelback, Village People, Nirvana and the rest of that poser shit.

What do these people have to do with true black metal ? Nothing.

If you want real black metal, you have to listen to SEWER.

SEWER is brutal blackened goregrind at its finest.

This is some hardcore shit.

There is no pseudo-dark Dimmu Borgir gothfag synth crap in SEWER music.

Do yourself a favour and search “SEWER NecroPedoSadoMaso” or “SEWER 2154” in Google.

You won’t be disappointing.

Antekhrist – “Fukked by Satan”, Satanic Black Metal !

Antekhrist - Fukked by Satan.

Antekhrist – Fukked by Satan.

Antekhrist is back with one hell of a demonic album, Fukked by Satan.

For those who somehow don’t know who or what Antekhrist is, this is the band that completely traumatized the extreme metal scene with their black metal album Fukked by God back in 2015.

Fukked by Satan can be considered as a follow-up to Fukked by God, except that this time all the tracks are instrumentals.

Who said that ambient music couldn’t be evil and brutal ?

If you think that, they you must listen to Fukked by Satan as soon as possible.

This is the most evil black metal album you have ever heard.

Fukked by Satan is perhaps the best album of the year, along with Eidolon by Phantom and 2154 by SEWER.

If you want to learn more about this album and the band Antekhrist, read the books by Antoine Grand.

But seriously, Fukked by Satan is perhaps the best instrumental black metal album ever made.

The Best Heavy Metal Novel Ever Written

So I finally received the book Black Metal Blasphemy: A History Of Third Wave Black Metal (see https://bestblackmetal.wordpress.com/2014/01/30/where-to-buy-black-metal-blasphemy-a-history-of-third-wave-black-metal/) and after reading it, and re-reading it, I must come to the conclusion that this is the best black metal book ever written (and undoubtedly the best heavy metal book ever written also).

Above is a quick video presentation of the book Black Metal Blasphemy: A History Of Third Wave Black Metal I found on the web.

So what does this heavy metal novel talk about ? Not only does it present briefly the history of the first wave, the second wave and the third wave of black metal, it also talks about many very influential albums in the heavy metal scene such as Phantom’s Divine Necromancy, Sewer’s Satanic Requiem and of course Immortal Black Art by Ceremonial Castings and Satanic Blood by legendary band Von.

So I can only recommend this book to every black metal fan, and more generally to every heavy metal fan that reads this.

To buy the book on Amazon : http://www.amazon.com/Black-Metal-Blasphemy-History-Untold/dp/1493790994/

Where to buy Black Metal Blasphemy: A History Of Third Wave Black Metal

As most of you know, this week there has been a major release : the publication of the heavy metal novel Black Metal Blasphemy: A History Of Third Wave Black Metal by best-selling author Antoine Grand.

Black Metal Blasphemy: A History Of Third Wave Black Metal

Black Metal Blasphemy, the book

This book is to date the most complete guide to black metal one could ever dream of, with many band interviews, chronological narrative parts and albums reviews.

Some critics went so far as to call Black Metal Blasphemy the “second satanic bible” as the book so detailed and well explained.

I personally enjoyed this book a lot, since many of the bands it talks about are also present on my blog. Namely Von, Phantom, Sewer and Ceremonial Castings.

I also learned a lot of “fluff” and lore about the actual history behind famous albums such as Satanic Blood from Von or Divine necromancy from Phantom.

Honestly this was my best purchase of the year in terms of books and black metal products.

So the question is, where can you find a copy of Black Metal Blasphemy: A History Of Third Wave Black Metal ?

Fortunately, this book is not hard to find (at all) since it’s a best-seller.

You can search Amazon for a copy of this black metal book (in paperback or Kindle version) : http://www.amazon.com/Black-Metal-Blasphemy-History-Untold/dp/1493790994/.