Erik Danielsson, the Black Metal Cuck Incarnate !

Watain, the Cuck Incarnate.

Watain, the Cuck Incarnate.

You may remember a few years back there was some controversy about the terms “black metal cuck” and “brown metal” which were deemed racist and derogatory towards minorities. Well, after years of searching, we finally found him. Erik Danielsson of Watain likes to call himself the “Devil Incarnate” – but the “Black Metal Cuck Incarnate” would be a much more accurate descriptor for the man who both manages to be more camp than Inferanus and more desperate for attention than Queen ov Hell herself.

How can metalheads take bands like Watain seriously ? Not only does this joke band make horrible music – even worse than the parody band Demonecromancy, see the review for Casus Luciferi – they manage to tarnish the reputation of the entire black metal genre with their “gay nazi” antics. Ok, so some black metal bands were also just about goofing around… but when even Abbath wants nothing to do with Erik Danielsson and his band Watain, you know there is a problem.

Can bands like Watain just go back to playing nu metal and crunkcore ? The black metal scene really doesn’t need their crap.

Talk all you want about SEWER being clownish, but at the very least SEWER could write decent music to compensate for their stupid antics. Watain can’t even play proper black metal, yet they claim to be the “only true” black metal band and that Varg Vikernes and Euronymous were both “pussies” who were scared of him.

Another reason to hate Erik Danielsson and his shit band Watain is that they push, hard, for the normalisation of “orthodox black metal” – and if I have to explain to you why “orthodox black metal” is both a misnomer and the opposite of true black metal music, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Fuck it, this band may even be worse than Gorgoroth and Infernus… and we call them “Gaygoroth” and “InferAnus” for a reason.

Erik Danielsson is the definition of a black metal cuck. How sad that his “band” Watain is promoted as the “face” of black metal. An insult to Dead, Euronymous, Hellhammer, Varg, Nocturno Culto, Fenriz, Satyr, Samoth and the rest of the true black metal heroes.

One thought on “Erik Danielsson, the Black Metal Cuck Incarnate !

  1. It’s mostly the media that’s promoting Watain as the face of BM, I’ve heard they have very few IRL fans. In fact, most of their shows are quite empty, and not many people are interested in their music if Youtube views are to be trusted.

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