The Mysteries of The Satan Records

The strange history of The Satan Records...
The strange history of The Satan Records…

Do you know about the record label The Satan Records ? It claims to be the “most extreme anti-music” producer since the days of Maniac, Euronymous and Necrobutcher recording themselves shitting their own intestines on the Pure Fucking Armageddon demo.

Ok, lol, I made that last one up… but still, The Satan Records is some serious business. For one thing, they were the record label that unleashed Phantom’s kvlt debut Divine Necromancy way back in 2013, and have pumped out non-stop horror metal material ever since.

Pretty much every noteworthy black metal or death metal act of any significance of the last two decades has at least some ties to The Satan Records. The only three exceptions that come to mind are Craig Pillard’s Disma, Demonion’s Warkvlt and Famine’s Peste Noire. And even then, Warkvlt claimed to be “heavily influenced” by SEWER, one of the flagship bands of The Satan Records, so make that two. Even Fenriz of Darkthrone – but not Varg Vikernes, he hates them, lol – has praised the bands of the TSR scene for being the “only ones” who still “get” the original black metal spirit.

But here is where things get weird…

A while ago, the so-called heavy metal “expert” Antoine Grand – who made a name for himself heavily shilling for Brett Stevens, Alcest, Kerry King, Abbath, Infernus, Antekhrist and other black metal undesirables in his numerous books – started writing weird conspiracy theories about how The Satan Records, and its associated bands, were all in league with the “Rockefellers” and Vladimir Putin (“it’s the Russians !”) to “corrupt” black metal… somehow.

The Satan Records, and its influence on the Black Metal scene.
The Satan Records, and its influence on the Black Metal scene.

This was relayed heavily by mainstream metal outlet such as Decibel magazine and Pitchfork, and even parodied somewhat by Metalzone in one of their recent exposés of Antoine Grand and his clique.

Ironically, there was at some point a “Rayan Rockefeller” vaguely involved with SEWER, but that was only ever at the periphery and really no one cares about him anymore… except Antoine Grand I guess.

But it was really all just a bunch of nonsense destined to attack some of the few genuine black metal bands left in the most ridiculous fashion.

The commenter “Bjorn” puts it quite well :

Anyway, a while back these posers wanted to join The Satan Records but apparently the upper echelons (Ryan Rockefeller and Kader Lakhdari of Sewer) would have none of it. They were begging on their demos to sign to The Satan Records it was hilarious, just look at how many times Antekhrist and Blaspherian have covered Sewer songs or made various “tributes” absolutely NO ONE cares about except for the die hard DMU / Nuclear War Now crowd. Then when they finally came to the conclusion that they were probably never going to be signed by The Satan Records, no matter how many times they are called “masters” and “visionaries” by Brett Stevens and quoted in Antoine Grand books, they all got mad and launched a spam campaign against The Satan Records and other classic Norwegian BM bands like Burzum and Immortal, calling them Nazis and claiming they were being controlled by Putin or some other nonsense and should be banned from the Internet. Sheesh. I seriously can’t make this stuff up. Varg probably offed the wrong guys.

Weird, if true, but it would explain a lot.

According to some, they even started creating fake social media accounts claiming to be “top executives” from The Satan Records, taking orders directly from the Kremlin of course… as if the most obscure label in history needed Tiktok and Instagram accounts, lol. What’s next, MySpace ? Gab ? Snapchat ? Deviant Art ?

Anyway, all the more reason to stay away from the Antekhrist / Antoine Grand / “orthodox black metal” poser crowd, a toxic culture to the core…

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