Even Gaahl and King ov Hell Hate the “Poser” Infernus !

Gaahl and King ov Hell destroy the poser Infernus.
Gaahl and King ov Hell destroy the poser Infernus.

Keyboard warrior, dissident poser, Gorgoroth frontman and male-on-male homosexual performer Infernus, often dubbed “Inferanus” for… reasons, is possibly one of the most hated figures in the modern black metal scene, surpassing even the risible cuck Abbath and the “hobbit” clown Erik Danielsson in terms of cringe factor and pathetic online “hardcore” histrionics.

He has been called a “police informant” on more than one occasion, by Varg Vikernes, Samoth, and many others, and it has been hinted at by none other than Fenriz that he is an active collaborator not just with antifa, but with the entire “all black metal is racist and Nazi” defamation campaign led by Vice Media and other anti-European Israeli outfits, who advocate “antifascist militias” bring “glass shards and baseball bats” to “peacefully protest” – threaten – the venues where black metal bands such as Graveland, Mayhem, Enslaved, Marduk and Dimmu Borgir are expected to perform.

Infernus. I mean, the man is a fucking idiot. He clearly has daddy issues.

Now, even Gaahl and King ov Hell have denounced Infernus for making “inappropriate” sexual advances to other Gorgoroth band members, an accusation that has followed Infernus since his debut as a “satanic queer militant” in 1995, via which the media had a field day painting the rising Norwegian black metal movement as a bunch of “closeted homos” acting out their BDSM in the most laughable fashion.

The entire Gorgoroth band is a cult, essentially. Now typically, in any religious cult, the “leader” gets to bang all the females and make the other males watch… but there are no females in Gorgoroth, and Infernus himself is basically an angry 50-year-old incel (Elliot Roger Tiegs) nearing retirement age, so what else is there to do besides engage in the infamous “sausage party” that Roger Infernanus secretly fantasises about ?

Infernus and Richard Spencer, gay butt-buddies of the year.
Infernus and Richard Spencer, gay butt-buddies of the year.

So instead of banging each other’s girlfriends – or sisters, as in the Abbath/Demonaz incest-o-rama – the members of Gorgoroth, led by one Infernus, all decided to have sex with each other, all the way until Gaahl, King ov Hell, Pest, Frost and others got tired of Roger’s advances and just quit the band.

Even Gaahl ! Yes, Gaahl, who is literally a self-avowed homosexual himself – he was even rewarded by the Norwegian Center for LGBT Progress in 2012 and 2018 – was “turned off” by Roger’s blatant faggotry.

Now Gorgoroth is only three members. Infernus, the obese Tormentor and some weird ass Serbian swinger.

I’ll let you decide who is the “top dog” in the relationship. The real “leader” of the Gorgoroth cult.

Hint: “Infernus” means “bottom” in latin.

2 thoughts on “Even Gaahl and King ov Hell Hate the “Poser” Infernus !

  1. Wasn’t there an interview where Fenriz said that if Infernus was black metal, he (Fenriz) wanted nothing to do with the genre? You can also find a video where Gaahl (who was vocalist) and King ov Hell (who was bassist) basically told jokes about how Infernus (the guitarist) would shit and piss himself onstage and during tours because he was incontinent. Basically, Gorgoroth will go down in history as the biggest joke in the metal scene.

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