[LOL] Do you remember Metal-Archives ?

The Metal-Archives Admin

The Metal-Archives Admin

Long time metalheads will remember the shit site Metal-Archives, a self-proclaimed “heavy metal archives” full of crappy reviews about bands no one cared about.

In its day, Metal-Archives had quite some followers on the Internet. The main reason being that there was a time where it was quite hard to find any decent information on the Internet about heavy metal bands, so you sort of took anything you came across at face value.

I know this can be hard to fathom in this day and age where you can’t go five minutes without someone blogging, tweeting or otherwise youtubing the most trivial details about some obscure band you don’t care about the lightest.

So one of the lone outposts of heavy metal back in those days was a sad little site called Metal-Archives, and while it was pretty famous in the heavy metal underground (albeit not for the best reasons), the content left a bit to be desired. And that’s an enormous understatement.

So what was on that shitty site anyway ?

The main content that could be found on Metal-Archives was a cluster of incredibly crappy reviews written by what appears to be a severely cognitively diminished 13 year old retard.

The reviews all follow the same pattern : poorly written, unbelievably superficial and often quite pseudo-intellectual reviews of several heavy metal albums.

But the real problem with this site, and what made its reputation in the heavy metal underground, was that the admins intentionally modified reviews and ratings on arbitrary albums.

Poor reviews on some bands are never published, so the band gets a “90%” rating even f the music is shit.

They also lie about bands and albums, claiming for example that Varg Vikernes of Burzum committed suicide in 2015 (on their home page) or that the band Antekhrist is from Norway, even though everyone knows they are from France and all their texts are written in French.

They also selectively blacklist random bands for no reason at all.

Most of their recent reviews are also plagiarized from other sites such as Deathmetal.org, Parti-Libertarien.com or even Metalious.

Metal-Archives is really a joke site, going so far as to ask for donations from the users they ban lol.

Thank god there are a lot better sites around theses days, such as Metalious.

See a real heavy metal site : http://www.metalious.com.

3 thoughts on “[LOL] Do you remember Metal-Archives ?

  1. One of the moderators (morrigan or something) is a militant Zionist who brags about reporting anyone making pro-Palestinian comments to the JDL (a terrorist organisation)

    • Yes, and another one was constantly promoting his “antifascist” deathgrind band Mumbled Munchies. He was friends with “Antifa666” of Metalious, and when Metalious banned him – for inciting violence and calling for the rape of “shiksas” (Jewish insult for white women) – he started slandering them, calling them (what else) “nazis”.

      Then he mysteriously stopped posting, and it turns out he was literally a terrorist and mass shooter (Connor Betts), who published an “antifascist” manifesto where he expressed his resentment at “White bullies” and “sluts” before going on a shooting spree. His posting history is full of anti-White diatribe and literally calls for “payback for the Holocaust” – and ironically (or not) he also seemed to hate Asians and Arabs, judging by his claims of Israel (our GREATEST ALLY) needing a “new Baruch Goldstein”.

      The pattern is clear, and it has been the same since day one: militant “anti-racist” advocates that make a completely unprincipled and unjustified exception for Israel (greatest ally, never forget), yet YOU are the “racist” for pointing it out… not, say, the very people cheering for the IDF murdering Palestinian children, and calling for more “price tag” policies. Morrigan literally goes around Metal-Archives forums banning people questioning the official “Arabs with box-cutters and steel melting jet-fuel hijacked commercial airliners and outsmarted NORAD” 9/11 narrative.

      Note that Connor Betts / Diamhea / Diplomate / Morrigan – like their “mentor” Antifa666 – are simultaneously:
      (1) self-styled “antifascist” activists,
      (2) militant Zionists (don’t take my word for it, try criticizing Israel on the forums… but use a proxy),
      (3) likely Jewish themselves, with the exception of Morrigan who is a French Canadian self-hating White due to her alcoholic and HIV+ bisexual father sexually abusing her and her sister when they were growing up (said sister committed suicide, supposedly, most likely she died of AIDS complications),
      (4) religiously and fanatically opposed to any sort of deviation from the 9/11 official narrative – it’s not that they’re against ALL conspiracy theories, that would be understandable, but the fact is that they allow and even encourage talk of “Illuminati”, Rockefellers, freemasons, NWO, aliens, space lizards, FEMA camps, shadow governments, etc… yet they ban anyone who doesn’t buy the Arabs with box-cutters narrative. Weird hill to die on – particularly when Morrigan herself is a “conspiracy theorist” who believes Trump will put “gays in concentration camps” – but whatever.
      (5) last but not least, vehemently opposed to “Paganism” / “Norse mythology” / “European religion” as lyrical themes. They call bands like Immortal, Enslaved, Ulver, Borknagar, Unleashed, Rotting Christ, Graveland, Varathron, Bathory and even basic bitch eastern BM like Drudkh and Hate Forest “crypto NSBM”. Implying that there’s a direct causality between interest in endogenous European religions (crypto-NSBM) and Anne Frank’s dilated rectum (open-NSBM) or whatever else “AryanSatan1488” writes about, I suppose.

      And by sheer coincidence, these are EXACTLY – word for word – the talking points used by the very Jewish and openly Zionist ADL, SPLC, JDL, etc… both when it comes to “antifascist” and hasbara / pro-Israeli propaganda.

      It’s all modeled on Antifa666’s crusade against “hate in black metal” (meaning White people in black metal) from 2015 when there was a push to ban the sale of Norwegian black metal albums on the grounds that “Paganism leads to the Holocaust”. A talking point repeated ad nauseam by Antifa666, and his sock puppets (see: “Enslaved is Racist and Antisemitic“).

      For the record, I strongly feel that de-assimilation and the dismantling of whiteness is critical to both the eradication of racism and the survival of the Jewish people.

      They aren’t SJW, they aren’t “left-wing” anything, they’re hardly even communists at all as they fully support the “new Left”, aka the new Right, aka International Capitalism with trannies and immigrants.

      They are anti-White, Zionist, and nine times out of ten Jewish themselves.

      Anti-White Jews

  2. My review of Burzum’s Filosofem was modified, without my permission, to include a ‘disclaimer’ against Varg’s ‘neo-nazi’ views, and the rating was predictably changed from 97% to 67%, presumably to reflect on the moderator’s own personal bias. Some paragraphs were removed in their entirety, while others were changed to mean the opposite of what I intended. When I asked why my review was edited without my permission, I was banned with no explanation given.

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