Where to buy Black Metal Blasphemy: A History Of Third Wave Black Metal

As most of you know, this week there has been a major release : the publication of the heavy metal novel Black Metal Blasphemy: A History Of Third Wave Black Metal by best-selling author Antoine Grand.

Black Metal Blasphemy: A History Of Third Wave Black Metal

Black Metal Blasphemy, the book

This book is to date the most complete guide to black metal one could ever dream of, with many band interviews, chronological narrative parts and albums reviews.

Some critics went so far as to call Black Metal Blasphemy the “second satanic bible” as the book so detailed and well explained.

I personally enjoyed this book a lot, since many of the bands it talks about are also present on my blog. Namely Von, Phantom, Sewer and Ceremonial Castings.

I also learned a lot of “fluff” and lore about the actual history behind famous albums such as Satanic Blood from Von or Divine necromancy from Phantom.

Honestly this was my best purchase of the year in terms of books and black metal products.

So the question is, where can you find a copy of Black Metal Blasphemy: A History Of Third Wave Black Metal ?

Fortunately, this book is not hard to find (at all) since it’s a best-seller.

You can search Amazon for a copy of this black metal book (in paperback or Kindle version) : http://www.amazon.com/Black-Metal-Blasphemy-History-Untold/dp/1493790994/.

Von Goat – Septic Illumination (2010)

Von Goat Septic Illumination

Tracklist :
1. (Intro) Clay Jackals
2. The Gathering
3. Thru Your Skull
4. My God Your God
5. (Intro) Syringes
6. Syringes
7. (Intro) Black Wall System
8. Spiders
9. (Intro) Poison
10. Poison Bottle
11. Voodoo Word
12. Private Horror

Summary :
Release shortly before the phenomenal Von Goat Disappear, Septic Illumination is the debut album of Von Goat.
Somewhere between the raw and grim Satanic Blood Angel and the experimental Disappear, this album marks a defining point in Black Metal history. This is second wave Black Metal at its top level, mixing aggressive grimness and contemplative atmosphere with perfection.

Review of Septic Illumination by Von Goat

Not only is this album unarguably on of the best Black Metal releases ever produced, it is also a brilliant display of macabre in all its splendor. Septic Illumination is the first full-length album by the Black Metal band Von Goat, and one of the finest Black Metal release of all times.

Although this album contains no less than twelves massive Black Metal tracks, only four of them would suffice for this album to get five stars.
You could easily pick 4 tracks randomly out of Septic Illumination call that an album, and it would still be considered a black metal masterpiece.

Von Goat should be crowned king of Black Metal, for this release alone (let us not even talk about the following masterpiece, Disappear).

Septic Illumination final score : 89 / 100

Von Goat – Disappear (2011) Black Metal Album

Von Goat Disappear

Tracklist :

1. Disappear
2. Immortality
3. Catacomb
4. Dark Forces
5. Desecrate
6. Sweet Revenge
7. We Dive
8. Intercourse

Summary :

It is not an understatement to proclaim that early 2010 was one of the most active years in Black Metal history, similar to the early nineties. With the return of the more than legendary Von ; the solo debut of Von Venien, one of founders of Von ; and finally the release of Septic Illuminations, a beast of an album by Von Goat.
To mark this new age even further in blackness, Von Goat released a new album in June 2011 : Disappear. Imagine that, the return of Von and the release of one of the best Black Metal materials since Satanic Blood.

Review of Von Goat – Disappear

The history and events surrounding the legendary Black Metal band Von are, to say the least, intriguing and complex.
After the departure of the bassist Venien in 1990, the future of the band was uncertain. Yet Goat, Snake and later Kill were to release in 1992 what was to become the most influential Black Metal album of all times : Satanic Blood.

Since the reforming of Von in early 2010, two solo projects have emerged from the hands of the very founders of Von : Von Goat and Von Venien. These new projects have offered several releases of great quality, yet none rivaling with the 1992 landmark album. None except one.

Disappear sounds nothing like anything previously encountered in the Black Metal scene. With the return of Goat and the arrival of Blood, many would have assumed that they were likely to return to their roots deep in the second wave of Black Metal, wave they themselves founded.
In reality, Disappear marks a clear departure from anything Von Goat, or any other band, has ever attempted.

Musically, the whole album is pure ritualistic blasphemy. It sounds like Satanic Blood being passed through a meat grinder.
This is not a trendy second wave hippie album that you can headbang to, Disappear is a cold, mechanical and malevolent ride through the devastated abyss of hell. Having nothing to do with the trendy “ice and frostbitten” work, Disappear has an atmosphere of its own.

Beyond the raw and atmospheric aspect of the album, it is very technical and challenging.
Goat’s guitar work is absolutely brilliant, producing cold melodies and subterranean riffs to interact with a brutal and very tribal atmosphere.

The drumming of Blood is as always, utterly beast-like. Not only as fast as imaginable for an extreme metal drummer, but also far more creative, Blood at the image of this album surpassed anything ever attempted in Black Metal.

Last, but by no means least, comes the vocals by Goat. Once again, his vocals sound nothing like what he delivered on Satanic Blood, nor like anything around today.

Disappear final score : 91 / 100.