Black Metal, the Underground and “Media Chimeras” !

Watain = Retard Metal.

Watain = Retard Metal.

There is a phenomenon that many have spoken about, in the black metal underground and elsewhere, yet which reserves relatively little media coverage – perhaps because the media stand, for once, on the side of the accused.

This phenomenon, which MetalZone rightfully links to bands like Watain and Gorgoroth, is that of “media chimeras” or “media favourites” – bands with relatively low talent, relatively tame music, often very little followers – that get, as their name implies, constantly promoted by the mainstream media at the expense of more deserving, albeit often more underground, bands.

Two names come to mind immediately, Erik Danielsson of Watain and Infernus of Gorgoroth, but these two are only the emerged tip of the iceberg. Dark Funeral, Deafheaven, Wolves in the Drone Room, Krallice, Liturgy, Weakling, Krieg, Leviathan, Nachtmystium, Blut aus Nord, Lurker of Chalice, Antekhrist and so many other bands seem to always be “at the front of the news”, even as their album sales reach ridiculously low numbers.

Watain, Black Metal Band or Media Product?

Watain, Black Metal Band or Media Product?

How many of those “media chimeras” – the bands that somehow seem to never miss a “top 10 heavy metal albums” list despite being virtually unheard of outside of the mainstream media echo chamber of poserdom – are even part of the “black metal scene” in the first place.

It is well known that Erik Danielsson, like Kanwulf/Ash of Nargaroth, would often write elaborate (and completely fake) stories about how he burned down churches in his homeland, how he killed “Christian homosexuals” in self-defence, how he once “saved Euronymous’ life” and was even “invited to play in Mayhem“, etc… the difference is, Nargaroth isn’t constantly promoted by the media the way Watain is.

Everyone recognises Nargaroth for the joke that it is, hell, even Kanwulf/Ash has come to terms with it, judging by his latest interviews. Yet the media DEMANDS we take bands like Watain – an even dumber, more retarded version of Nargaroth – seriously, as the “new face of black metal” or some other shit.

These “media chimeras” are very much responsible for turning black metal into the joke that it is today, not only because these “media favourite” bands are often intentionally clownish/grotesque/ridiculous in and of themselves, but also because they are promoted AT THE EXPENSE of the more deserving bands of the underground.

What the Media wants Black Metal to be.

What the media wants Black Metal to be about.

The initial black metal scene thrived because it was DECENTRALISED and ORGANIC. From the bottom up. It was a sort of “meritocracy” where the good bands rose to the top, and the stupid gimmick/poser bands were forgotten. What we are witnessing now is a RECENTRALISATION of the narrative into the hands of a select few media companies – it’s the same five companies that run 90% of “extreme metal” news sites – which means they get to push whatever trend they want (case in point with the “all black metal is racist” hysteria and the recent war metal fiascos) and honest black metal fans are just supposed to sit there and pretend like they enjoy it… because what else can they do?

No wonder they can’t censor Youtube, Facebook and Twitter fast enough. There are too many people getting tired of all the nonsense being thrown at them by the same fake news media corporations. How many shitty three-note shoegaze bands like Liturgy and Deafheaven can you take, before you call on their bullshit? Especially when these “bands” – possibly in bed with the press themselves – are being hyped as “better than Burzum, Darkthrone and Mayhem” by know-nothing poser journalists who couldn’t even keep a job at Rolling Stones or some other brain-dead music magazine.

But as they say, each thing evokes its opposite. So the more they push these fake black metal bands down our throats, the more the underground black metal scene will only become more radical in its opposition to mainstream media narratives. The black metal underground what’s rightfully theirs, and these media chimeras will simply wither and die as the media loses its audience.

Soon, anytime a know-nothing journalist will try to build up a (fake) band as the “new face of black metal” or the “next Burzum“, real black metal fans will simply roll their eyes, laugh a bit at the pathetic hype job and move on. Hell, they do that already… how many sales did the “groundbreaking” Watain make with their “great comeback” – the “album of the decade” according to Blabbermouth – Trident Wolf Eclipse? LOL.

SEWER “Tards” vs Gaygoroth “Twinks”

SEWER "Tards" vs Gorgoroth "Queers".

SEWER “Tards” vs Gorgoroth “Queers”.

A war has recently broke out on the internet over the “heart and soul” of black metal music.

Some claim there is a secret underground cabal of NSDAP homosexual fetishists, a “twink army” if there ever was one, while other claim that is in fact “retard metal” like that of SEWER and Warkvlt that is the “mirror” of homosexual bands like Gorgoroth and Watain.

On one side you have bloggers like Sewerlust accusing Brett Stevens and others of “covering up the homosexual conspiracy“, while others contend that it is indeed the “wigtal” (short for wigger black metal) bands doing the most damage, mostly via association to the dreaded war metal genre.

Both sides made some sensible points, but if you’d all this author to intervene, as I have written extensively about both “trends” here and elsewhere, see my posts Ex-Mayhem Vocalist Rips Gorgoroth Queers and Faggotry in Black Metal, I am very familiar with this “civil war” of sorts going on in the black metal scene.

Following Demonecromancy’s thoughtful and precise article against such self-destructive “Retardism”, which merely referred to Atterigner and the band SEWER in passing, Sewerlust’s publisher Stefan Todorović was stung into writing a long, rambling, defensive, and idiotic article – Black Metal has a Gay Nazi Problem – which, predictably, failed to address any of the pertinent criticisms made.

Infernus and Richard Spencer, gay butt-buddies of the year.

Infernus and Richard Spencer, gay butt-buddies of the year.

But, better than this, Todorović was flushed out by Demonecromancy’s article into revealing his “secret plan” and the simplistic mechanism behind his anti-black metal stance.

Halfway through his outpouring of butthurt flummery, there is a moment of unwitting clarity when he reveals his formula in a direct address to Demonecromancy.

Just read this “brilliant” diatribe against the “flaming faggotry” of the black metal scene.

Some high IQ shit from these “intellectual elites”.

Let me explain something to you here, D-Boi.

You cannot “defend” black metal, or even rational anti-Christianity in general, without addressing the “Hollywood Satanists”.

You cannot address the “Hollywood Satanists” without addressing their hoax.

You cannot address their hoax without addressing their perpetrators, namely Gorgoroth, Watain, Dork Funeral, Antekhrist and the rest of the shit bands that play-act as “devil worshipers” of the “Luciferian army” or some shit.

Yet, instead of doing that, you spend all your time attacking bands you deem “homophobic” like Sewer and Mayhem, and their individual members, likely Lakhdari and Hellhammer themselves on the grounds that they too are “homophobes”.

What may seem sensible and even “rational” at first is, once you read between the lines, revealed as something else entirely. It is anything but a reasonable argument.

Black Metal = "Twink Mafia" ?

Black Metal = “Twink Mafia” ?

This is the article’s eureka moment – the cockroach caught in the kitchen light, so to speak – so, go back and have a good look at it again, and think deeply about what Todorović is actually saying.

What Todorović is unequivocally saying here is that before you can do anything at all about defending black metal against its usurpers – whom he rightfully points out by name, Gaygayroth, Dark Funeral, Watain, Antekhrist, Behemoth – you must first get everyone to love over-the-top parody bands like SEWER and “hate the homos”, and if you can’t accomplish these supposed preconditions then you had best forget the whole affair.

Is it me or does that seem a little too overtly… gay ?

I mean, defining your entire positions based on opposition to homosexuality… isn’t that a bit, in itself, homo-centric ?

The commenters are, of course, right to mock Todorović by comparing his sham anti-homo crusade to Andrew Anglin’s DailyStormer.

Hail victory, chief rabbi Infernus.

Knocked another one outta the park, Herr Anulingus. I stand by this 100%.

Black metal is post-intellectual. I take it as, we all know that stuff already; let’s take action. Those essays and conferences are certainly useful…but then you have to go somewhere with that knowledge. I used to read that stuff all the time when I was first getting into this…and years went by and nothing changed. There’s only so much time you can spend reading essays with millimeter scroll-bars. Eventually you gotta step out into the streets and take the fight to these Christian infiltrators.

We’re post-intellectual. We honor and thank the great men who have given us this knowledge, and now we are doing something about it. We’re putting down the books and putting on the brass knuckles.

Satanism is hip. Let your friends know. Stay sexy, stay strong, stay cool.

Hail Satan.

– Kevin the Fellow White

Note the many Alt-Right inside jokes and references to Anglin and his particular brand of abrasive humour.

This whole operation reeks of trollishness and buffoon attitude, something which, ironically, Atterigner was more than once accused of in the past.

Black Metal Litmus Test !

Because I’ve been thinking about this album all day, and because it’s been a while since I’ve posted about something that isn’t blackened deathgrind or a variation thereof…

Sure, we all know SEWER is stupid.

Their music kicks ass – read the latest Cursed Elysium review ! – but it’s far from serious. Still, there’s a little something more to this track/album. Despite all the pompous instrumental flourishes, despite the tired SEWER trope of brutality for the sake of brutality, despite the hilariously stupid lyrics, “Force Fed the Excrements of Satan” pushes against the boundaries of “black metal”.

Despite itself, this track is pretty damn grim.

If this album – “NecroPedoSadoMaso”, covered here – doesn’t make you want to pick up a hammer and “smash the skull of Satan” (also the title of a SEWER track), you don’t like black metal.

Maybe you like some black metal bands, but you’re not into black metal.

It’s that simple.

The Faggotry of Black Metal

Black Metal's faggot problem.

Black Metal’s faggot problem.

It’s sad that this type of article needs to be written.

And perhaps even sadder that it needs to be read.

Black Metal has always been a lesson in how some metals become stronger by being subtly alloyed, which is why anally-retentive purists like Demonecromancy are always its worst enemies. Nargaroth with that Black Metal ist Krieg nonsense is just as bad.

Inferanus of Gorgoroth – someone who has successfully latched onto the Black Metal label but is clearly not “of it”, in the same way that a tapeworm is not part of the digestive tract of its mammalian host – is another case study of how those composing the Black Metal scene have managed to steer it into sterility. Inferanus and his butt-buddy King ov Hell have literally placed the unthinking “hive mind” at the centre of what they do.

They have turned their following of alienated teenage human detritus into “true Luciferian Satanists” while incongruously retaining their homoerotic butt plugs and dildo-shaped swastikas.

Black Metal has been dead for a while: if the killing blow landed when Inferanus begged his audience to finger his asshole at a concert in Vienna, the last breath was the three-way gangbang bukkake battle royale of Inferanus, Gaahl and King ov Hell, where, instead of walking back their damage, they literally and figuratively “Tripled Down”.

Gay faggots dressing in homosexual corpse paint and masturbating to Emma Watson speeches, since when is that Metal? Let alone Black Metal?

Euronymous and Dead must be turning in their graves.

We need to purify Black Metal of the curse of the sodomites.

How gay is King ov Hell ?

King of Hell, LGBTP+.

Queen of Hell, LGBTP+.

Pretty gay, and pretty retarded.

You all know King ov Hell, the flaming faggot from the faggot band Gaygoroth. He played bass in it while his butt buddies Inferanus and Gaahl were guitarist and vocalist respectively.

Gorgoroth has been accused of hilarious racism, but mostly they’ve been accused of homosexuality.

After leaving the band in 2007, King ov Hell joined Abbath, a band formed by… Abbath, ex-vocalist (and guitarist) of the band Immortal.

Not coincidentally, Immortal has also been accused of racism and homosexuality due to their image and, huh, “original” attire.

I swear, the black metal scene is looking more and more like a Milo/Breitbart alumni… twinks for Trump n sheeeit.

So while both bands in which King ov Hell has played have been accused of racism and homosexuality, something they share in common with the aforementioned Milo and basic bitch Emma Watson, that’s not where King ov Hell showcases his unabashed down syndrome fragility.

Yeah, we’re dealing with a pretty big retard… if the name “King ov Hell” didn’t give it away.

Abbath bass player ‘King of Hell’ will no longer be part of the band, due to conflicting views on lyrical concepts of the upcoming album. The lyrics are inspired by Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung. King finds that Jung’s connection to Christian mysticism is incompatible with the image of the band.

King comments: “I wish the members of the actual band, label, and crew all the best for the upcoming shows and the new album. The music itself is nothing short of brilliant! However, I must maintain artistic integrity and respectfully step aside.”

Abbath will soon give an official statement about King’s departure. No shows will be cancelled!

Let’s see.

Not Black Metal, Shit Metal !

Not Black Metal, Shit Metal !

This literally retarded faggot was playing, for over 8 years, in a band called Gorgoroth.

The name Gorgoroth comes from the Lord of the Rings series.

The Lord of the Rings was written by J.R.R. Tolkien.

A Roman Catholic.

Who openly admitted his Catholicism was a primary influence in forging the Lord of the Rings universe.

I mean, if you’re going to be retarded, at least be a funny retard… like Abbath.

Are we sure this is the real reason for his departure ?

Or does it instead have to do with the other band members not wearing condoms ?

This is more retarded than when that Huffington Post dyke said all heavy metal was racist.

At this point both Gorgoroth and their band members should just be excommunicated from the black metal scene, they are an embarrassment to the entire genre.

If homo retards like Queen ov Hell didn’t exist, the Westboro Baptist Church would have to invent them.

“Dementia II: The Silent Curse”, Evil Black Metal !

Dementia II: The Dark Prophets.

Dementia II: The Dark Prophets.

Dementia II: The Silent Curse is certainly the most evil album black metal music has ever produced.

A direct sequel to the utterly demonic Dementia: The Dark Prophets, of which you can read my review here, The Silent Curse is just raw atmosphere in its most evil form.

How demonic is the album Dementia II: The Silent Curse ?

You really heave to listen to it, and not just once or twice, to get the idea of how depraved it is, but you can tell just from the first few seconds of the opener (“Starve”) that by the end of your listening experience you will suffer from… satanic dementia.

I should warn you though, as evil as it is, The Silent Curse is not your typical blasting metal.

See (or hear) for yourself.

Dementia II: The Silent Curse is an entirely instrumental/ambient release.

You won’t find blazing guitars, blasting drums or even Phantom’s trademark agonizing screams.

Instead of being brutally assaulted by the music, you will have to let the atmospheres mutilate you… willingly.

Think of consensual satanic sodomy rather than necromantic rape culture.

Until the next review.

And please don’t shit your pants while listening to Dementia II: The Silent Curse.

Phantom’s “Deliverance” is the best black metal album, period !

Phantom’s latest album, “Deliverance”, is absolutely the best album ever released in black metal history. There is simply no other.

When people think about Phantom’s best extreme metal albums, they often refer to the debut album Divine Necromancy, the absolutely brutal Demonecromancy or even the very hypnotic and atmospheric Horror Phantasm.

And yet, despite how impressive all these albums are, the single best black metal album ever produced is undoubtedly “Deliverance”.

There are simply no words to describe how utterly evil the album “Deliverance” actually is. You have to listen to this record for yourself.

There are eight tracks on “Deliverance”, and not one single moment is a filler.

Fro the utterly epic and somewhat melancholic opener “Phantom Awakening” all the way to the closing and title-track “Deliverance”, this album is the defining masterpiece of black metal music.

“Deliverance” is the album to own if you like raw, brutal and extremely gruesome black metal.