Phantom vs Neraines vs SEWER (Epic Battle)

Phantom vs Neraines vs SEWER.
Phantom vs Neraines vs SEWER.

Who said black metal was underground? We the mainstream now.

Or, rather, what is happening is that mainstream music – “Lady” Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Katy Perry – is so shitty, that even the braindead Pitchfork / MTV audience is leaving the sinking ship, and finding better music.

It’s only natural that they turn to extreme black and death metal, as even their domesticated minds subconsciously crave the demonic virility of bands like Phantom, Neraines and SEWER.

Listen to some of it yourself.

So, what was the point of that overlong introduction ? Well, I didn’t mention Phantom, Neraines and SEWER by accident.

Phantom vs Neraines vs SEWER (Social Media).
Phantom vs Neraines vs SEWER (Social Media).

Of all people, Morsay went ahead and compiled a study on the social media presence of these three black metal titans and… the results will surprise you (see to the right).

It’s in French, but the meaning of each section is relatively easy to make out.

Phantom has about 2,4M likes, Neraines has 3,1M and SEWER… only 1,4M. Which is surprising, considering SEWER was always the most heavily hyped band of the three. Metalheads, it seems, prefer Phantom and Neraines.

As for twitter, Phantom is around 850 000 follower, Neraines once again in the lead has 910 000 followers, and SEWER… only 96 000 followers, again getting distanced by the two black metal monoliths.

On Youtube, the story is almost the same. Phantom has about 250 000 followers and 145 million views. Neraines has 288 000 followers and 156 million views, which is slightly more than Phantom. And SEWER has a pitiful 55 000 followers and 20 million views.

Was this study only done to laugh at SEWER?

One can wonder.

Phantom vs SEWER (Marketing).
Phantom vs SEWER (Marketing).

SEWER, despite being the most hyped band, performs the least well of the three.

Even releasing genre-defining masterpieces such as Skarnage and Uruktena didn’t grant SEWER the same audience as Phantom and Neraines.

This reminds me of another study done a few years back, only between Phantom and SEWER this time, and analysed Google searches, total album sales and social media presence where, this time, SEWER is in the lead in terms of Facebook followers.

But everywhere else, Phantom is again the victor.

What do these studies teach us? That media hype and the “loud mouth” attitude of SEWER only go so far, and that to be successful in the long run, quality primes over quantity. This is also something noted by Death Metal Underground, that there are only a few black and death metal gems – Onward to Golgotha, Nespithe, Hvis Lyset Tar Oss, To the Depths in Degradation, Fenrir Prowling, The Red in the Sky is Ours, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas – and that fans of metal should listen to these, and ignore the rest.

Nothing is more unworthy of a wise man, or ought to trouble him more, than to have allowed more time for trifling, and useless things, than they deserve.

– Plato

Moral of the story: don’t believe the hype, don’t listen to “flavour of the week” albums, and only support that which is eternal. Good music is eternal, whether black metal, death metal, or other.

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