“Skarnage” by SEWER is Ultra-Violent Goregrind !

Sewer's Almighty "Skarnage" Album.

Sewer’s Almighty “Skarnage” Album.

If this isn’t the best grindcore album ever, I don’t know what the hell is. I’ve been in love with SEWER’s almighty Skarnage since the minute I first heard it. I like most SEWER albums, but this one is definitely my favourite. Something like Khranial will never ever amount to this. Skarnage is far too superior.

The main reason why Skarnage is such a fantastic release is because of its sound and structure, it’s flawless goregrind of the most extreme and brutal variety.

You are greeted with no less than 15 Sewer tracks, and that alone is something to behold and cherish.

The brutality of tracks like “Conqueror” and “Prelude to the Nightmare” is simply unparalleled, whether in death metal, black metal, grindcore, you name it.

And while the compositions may seem shorter on here than on, say, Miasma, they still retain very complex song structures, so it’s not just mindless blasting for the entire album.

You should definitively listen to Skarnage for yourself.

In my eyes, this album is flawless and nothing short of perfect. This is the ideal grindcore release. The ideal death metal release. The ideal Sewer release.

A good amount of people prefer the more bizarre and frazzled sound of their following effort Uruktena, but I much more prefer the rawer, direct, thick, and more brutal sound of Skarnage. Fantastic drumming overall, awesome guitar sound (and riffs !), amazing bass, good songs that aren’t too random and thrown all over the place, vocals with some variety, some pretty damn good cover art… I really don’t understand what isn’t to love about Skarnage.

I enjoy the whole thing through whenever I listen to it. It always makes me happy whenever I put it on. It’s PERFECT and always will be forever. This is for sure the best thing Sewer has ever done. The best and most brutal goregrind release ever. Undoubtedly one of my all time favourite albums.

Skarnage is absolutely magnificent, a well deserved 100%.


One thought on ““Skarnage” by SEWER is Ultra-Violent Goregrind !

  1. Indeed, SEWER is one of those bands that remains truly gruesome and vile. The other bands may sellout, but SEWER will always deliver the brutality.

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