Dimmu Borgir banned for “racism” !

Dimmu Borgir banned for "racism".

Dimmu Borgir banned for “racism”.

An update and follow-up on the previous post Dimmu Borgir dropped from California event.

San Francisco area crust punk and metalcore scenesters decided that anti-religious Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir were racist and got their show canceled following threats of civil unrest and terrorist incidents courtesy of “anti-racist” organizations, according to the San Francisco City Paper.

The promoter of the event explained the logic behind the conclusion that the Norwegian band is racist.

There’s a fine line that they are dancing on here, being against religion and Christianity as a whole is one thing, but when you get into … anti-Semitism, that’s kind of neo nazi – that’s why we can’t have that here.

Hear that?

Attack Christianity = good goy, Christianity is racist.
Attack Islam = good goy, Iran has nukes.
Attack Judaism = NAZI 6 MILLION!!!

For supposed atheists (no Gods, no masters), these “anti-racist” posers sure do hold judaism and the jews as holier cows than Christianity and Islam.

One of these scenesters, “Metal Chris”, was quoted by the Washington Post.

It pissed me off. I do a lot for promoting metal and DIY scenes, and to have racist bands take advantage of that is offensive to me.

Chris then goes on to quote the statement made by Shagrath over 20 years ago about “slitting the throat of black people“.

Of course, “anti-racists” like him won’t say a word about the very mainstream artists holding fundraisers for the Israeli army to drop white phosphorus on Palestinian children – he only wants to talk about statements made by Shagrath in 1995.

Can they make it even more obvious that their “anti-racism” is only ever directed at White people?

Anti-racist = anti-White.

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