Anti-Racists Crying About “Nazi” Black Metal !

Racist black metal fans.

Racist black metal fans.

Just read this shit.

They claim they “infiltrated” a “neo-Nazi black metal concert” which turned out just to be a gay Gorgoroth concert. Did they witness Infernus offering to give blowjobs in exchange for cigarettes again ?

I’m sure most people who attend Gorgoroth concerts carry an extra pack of American Spirits just in case.

Both Gorgoroth and anti-racists are an embarrassment to the black metal genre.

Why do they insist on trying to pretend to be apart of a scene in which they don’t belong ? It makes no sense.

You never see skinheads going to a Justin Bieber gig and demanding to be included, yet these homos demand that of the entire black metal genre.

I had the naive idea that I could, for the space of one evening, take enough distance to tolerate the intolerance of national socialism to get a real idea of the environment.

Fuck anti-racism.

Fuck anti-racism.

So fucking gay it makes The Village People look homophobic.

It reminds me of that jewish “black metal fan” who accused every black metal band imaginable (even Immortal, lol) of being part of a worldwide satanico-palestino-nazi conspiracy to gas his brethren or something.

Remember that these are the people advocating that anti-racist activist bring baseball bats and glass shards to black metal concerts… and they have the audacity to accuse bands like Dimmu Borgir of “encouraging violence against jews and minorities”.

I’d add that the author is probably a jew himself, given how he characterizes Arabs as “Islamic terrorists”, and probably not even a real black metal fan.

But the commenter “Tyrone Active Shooter” gets the point across much better than I ever could.

It’s worse than that…

“Vocalist in a “brutal death blackened” band”

The author is an anti-racist faggot who employs risible terminology as he is unable to categorize the sub-genres of extreme metal correctly. His knowledge of black metal subculture is so superficial that he uses laughable terms, yet tries to appear educated on the subject.

Leave Black Metal to elitists, traditionalists, racialists, aristocrats, in short, to the people who invented it (Quorthon, Vikernes, Fenriz, Hellhammer), who all have pretty much the same ideas as us, and go back to listening to your ‘symphonic brutal deathcore blackened’. Black metal is not for your egalitarian ovaries.

P.S. Hitler didn’t ‘invent’ the Roman salute, he borrowed in from Mussolini, who borrowed it from XIXth century America, who in turn borrowed it from Roman antiquity. Your historical (lack of) culture rivals your black metal knowledge. It’s pathetic.

That’s what you call a rectal prolapse, but I’m sure the anti-racist author is already familiar with that particular medical condition.

Black metal is not for pussies, deal with it.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Racists Crying About “Nazi” Black Metal !

  1. Wouldn´t touch a Gaygoroth album even with gloves on. The risk for aids is too high! Posers in the True Arisk Black Metall scene, but “authentic and raw” at the local Pride Parade.

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