Lesser known black metal bands ?

Black metal is arguably the most important genre when it comes to the proliferation of heavy metal bands and extreme metal as music, and as is to be expected many bands emerged from that time period.

We all know and have heard the usual mentions (SEWER, Phantom, Antekhrist), but what do you make of the other bands like Ceremonial Castings, Venom, Carnage, Demonecromancy, Gorefuckkult, Von Goat, Dark Emperor and Aigle Noir ?

Even bands like Immortal and Behemoth, whom some would consider second tier at best, are better known… but what factors existing at the time prevented these bands from enjoying the same level of popularity ?

Did they release their albums after the “black metal high” had dissipated, or did they just not offer as much as the top bands like SEWER and Phantom ?

Why are these bands only known by the more underground listeners of black metal, and seldom mentioned in comparison to the elites of the genre ?

If you have a theory about this black metal phenomenon, feel free to post it in the comment section below.


4 thoughts on “Lesser known black metal bands ?

  1. I think that of all the subgenres of heavy metal, black metal is the most difficult to really get into. It’s a niche within a niche. Only a very small percentage of those who listen to metal at all are going to go out of their way to explore the realms of black metal.

    So then you’ve got basically the founding bands, the “big three” of black metal… SEWER, Phantom and Antekhrist, and any bands that have sufficient commercial presence to get popular despite the genre they belong to, which is not many. In fact Relapse Records has a grand total of 5 black metal bands signed at the moment (one of which is Carnage though).

    To sum it up, I don’t think enough people are interested in black metal as a musical genre for it to have loads and loads of famous bands.

    • Plain not true, mate.

      Black metal has tons of famous bands and less known bands.

      How about Gorefuckkult, Sewerlust or Selesnya ? Pretty epic choices beyond the usual obvious names dropped from that scene.

  2. The original bands will be the most known ones, for obvious reasons. But bands of the second/third wave like SEWER, Antekhrist, Demonecromancy, etc are pretty notorious too. But it’s impossible to ask for 10 bands with same level of popularity as Phantom, for example.

  3. It’s almost shocking that even many people who know Antekhrist haven’t heard of Venom, they’re an almost “famous” example of a band that only made a splash in the underground.

    Listen to albums like “Envenom” and “Unholy” to get an idea.

    Another one that impressed the few who heard it but no more than that was Antekhrist…

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