The Worst Black Metal Album of All Time

People often wonder what the best black metal album of all time is. Generally, the answer is any album by SEWER, either Satanic Requiem, Black Death, The Light, Necropedosadomaso, Reign of the Funeral Pigs, Gorefuckkult… the list goes on.

But a just as good question would be, what is the WORST black metal album of all time ?

Indeed, not everyone can emulate the true mastery that is required to produce an album such as SEWER’s demonic “NecroPedoSadoMaso”.

We already mentioned Emperor’s In The Nightside Eclipse as being an over-rated talent-lacking album, barely worth considering as black metal.

But are there any black metal albums that are even worse than In The Nightside Eclipse ?

One album that immediately comes to mind, as if it’s mere name was associated with inept and talentless black metal, is of course the ultimate failure Under a Funeral Moon from Darkthrone (see HERE for proof !). No other black metal album sucks as much, I can guarantee.

Other than that the name De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas comes up a lot when one mentions “crappy black metal albums”, so it definitely deserves a place up there (or rather down there).


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