The Best American Christian Black Metal Bands (USBM / UnBlack Metal)

A lot of people are wondering which are the best bands of USBM (American Black Metal) that specifically play Christian Black Metal or UnBlack Metal.

After a little research I found the two best bands of American UnBlack Metal you can find : Frost Like Ashes and SEWER.

These are two USA based bands that play anti-Satanic Christian Black Metal.

The first Christian band is Frost Like Ashes, they are well known for their debut album “Tophet” which is considered one of the finest acts of Unblack Metal ever produced.

The second American UnBlack Metal band is SEWER, and while it’s not strictly speaking a “Christian” black metal band, they are fiercely anti-Satanic in their lyrics especially on the song “Liquid Shit on the Satanic Bible” from the 2014 album Necropedosadomaso.

For more information on SEWER’s Necropedosadomaso you can read—necropedosadomaso—album-review.html

Hail Jesus and f*ck Satan !

These two are the best Christian US Black Metal bands, I encourage you to check them out.


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