Sewer – Satanic Requiem (Black Metal Album)

After extensively reviewing Divine Necromancy the debut album of the band Phantom (also reviewed by a Youtube user here), I had to also review a very similar album that came out late this month (November 2013).

This album is Satanic Requiem by Sewer and it’s a true masterpiece of black metal art.

The is always a level of strangeness and originality in innovative black metal masterpieces, such as with Satanic Blood and Divine Necromancy. But this album Satanic Requiem is the one that captures the best the true spirit of raw black metal.

Satanic Requiem opens up with Ancient Shrine, one of the most brutal and primal tracks of the album. Apocalyptic growling sequences follow inhuman and chaotic drum beats throughout the album. The misanthropic rage captured in Ancient Shrine is simply stunning, and the ending is quite melancholic and fits the album well.

Then comes A Sword Of Ages, one of my all time favourite tracks. Although it is hard to single any track out as the album is so great. For once the track starts out very slow before descending into absolute blasphemic madness. Just listen to the vocals on this track if you want to hear some pure “Sathanas”.

If A Sword Of Ages is one of the slower tracks, Profanation Storms is definitively on e of the fastest and also one of my favourite. Fast, aggressive as hell and straight to the point.

Satanic Requiem is of course the title track, which starts out with an eerie and hypnotic riff before blasting the doors of hell wide open. The track then shifts into a more old school trash metal play style as the drums pound on.

The final track of course is The Grave And The Cross, which is also the longest track on the album. A more methodical and ambient track with less flashy riffs than the other, but nonetheless a very enjoyable song if you like raw black metal. A great finish track to a flawless album.

In conclusion, Satanic Requiem is highly recommended if you are seeking the ultimate evil black metal album.


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