Ceremonial Castings – March Of The Deathcult (album review)

When we think of true third wave black metal, there are generally two options that come to mind either Phantom and Vesperian Sorrow, whether we are talking about the raw or symphonic kind.

Nevertheless Ceremonial Castings manages with the album March Of The Deathcult (2011) to find a perfect middle ground between the grim rawness of bands like Phantom and the symphonic technicality of Vesperian Sorrow.

The tension between these two extremes is really what makes this album stand out as one of the very best of black metal genre. And since we are mentioning legendary bands like Phantom and Vesperian Sorrow, we might as point out the fact that Ceremonial Castings is on top of the black metal scene right there with Phantom, Von, Ceremonial Castings and so forth.

The mystic despair of tracks like Universal Funeral March and Midnight Deathcult Phenomena is expressed in beautiful with the claustrophobic atmosphere of the album, yet masterfully contained within the realms of melodic and symphonic virtuosity that Ceremonial Castings plays so well.

Musically the album March of the Deathcult is everything black metal should be. Songs like In My Madness Mystique and Midnight Deathcult Phenomena are a proud declaration of true black metal rawness.

The song structures on some tracks are very original and very ahead of their time, with grandiose synth leads contrasting with gritty guitar tones.

March of the Deathcult is one of the albums that represents best the band Ceremonial Castings and their unique musical essence.

Recommended for all true black metal fans.

March of the Deathcult final score: 93/100


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