Phantom, Divine Necromancy to be released October 31

Perhaps one of the most awaited black metal albums of the decade, Divine Necromancy, by the band Phantom is set to be released on October 31 2013.

Phantom is a band that rose to prominence in the extreme metal scene and more importantly a band that is known for its interesting, to say the least, approach to music.

With unorthodox song structures and very dissonant psychedelic and hypnotic tones, Divine Necromancy is a stark departure from anything ever released in the black or death metal scenes.

It is common knowledge that extreme metal is generally considered the harsher and more brutal sub-genre of heavy metal.

In which case Phantom music would be the harsher and more brutal sub-genre of extreme metal.

While mixing sinister and abrasive riffs with despotic and borderline ritualistic drumming is a good description of the music on most Phantom tracks, notably on the album Divine Necromancy, you really have to listen to the Divine Necromancy album if you want to get a feel for how necrotic the work really is.

And since this album will be coming out in less than two weeks (on October 31), you will soon have a chance to listen to Divine Necromancy.


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