Von – Dark Gods : Rise of the Ancients

Von is a very famous black metal band known for their album Satanic Blood which defined the second wave of black metal.

Without Von there wouldn’t be a lot to say about black metal, in fact by all standards black metal would probably not exist as we know it.

While the “satanic” origins of the lyrics in black metal are traceable back to several different bands, most of them unrelated to the black metal genre, the musical style of modern black metal compositions is in its entirety inspired by Von, and particularly by the album Satanic Blood.

But Von isn’t only a milestone in black metal history, Von is also one the of the most innovative and satanic bands of the modern era of metal.

The proof of that assertion is in their recent release of the full length album Dark Gods : Seven Billion Slaves.

The second album of the Dark Gods trilogy,namely Dark Gods : Rise of the Ancients, is supposed to be released in late 2013.

Dark Gods : Rise of the Ancients is undoubtedly one the most awaited albums of this present years.


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