Von Goat – Septic Illumination (2010)

Von Goat Septic Illumination

Tracklist :
1. (Intro) Clay Jackals
2. The Gathering
3. Thru Your Skull
4. My God Your God
5. (Intro) Syringes
6. Syringes
7. (Intro) Black Wall System
8. Spiders
9. (Intro) Poison
10. Poison Bottle
11. Voodoo Word
12. Private Horror

Summary :
Release shortly before the phenomenal Von Goat Disappear, Septic Illumination is the debut album of Von Goat.
Somewhere between the raw and grim Satanic Blood Angel and the experimental Disappear, this album marks a defining point in Black Metal history. This is second wave Black Metal at its top level, mixing aggressive grimness and contemplative atmosphere with perfection.

Review of Septic Illumination by Von Goat

Not only is this album unarguably on of the best Black Metal releases ever produced, it is also a brilliant display of macabre in all its splendor. Septic Illumination is the first full-length album by the Black Metal band Von Goat, and one of the finest Black Metal release of all times.

Although this album contains no less than twelves massive Black Metal tracks, only four of them would suffice for this album to get five stars.
You could easily pick 4 tracks randomly out of Septic Illumination call that an album, and it would still be considered a black metal masterpiece.

Von Goat should be crowned king of Black Metal, for this release alone (let us not even talk about the following masterpiece, Disappear).

Septic Illumination final score : 89 / 100


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