Ceremonial Castings, black metal band

Ceremonial Castings is a Black Metal band formed in 1996 by Lord Serpent and OldNick. Producing Symphonic Black Metal, they are often recognized and accepted by other notorious artists.

Their two major album were produced respectively in 2005 and 2006, under the names Immortal Black Art and Barbaric is the Beast. Ceremonial Castings has also released many demos, as well as no less than 7 quality full-length albums.

Ceremonial Castings is one of the top black metal bands ever, and one of the best currently active today. More recently they have also released a re-issue of some of their previous albums.

Ceremonial Castings – Symphonic Black Metal

The music produced by the Black Metal band Ceremonial Casting characterizes itself by a predominant musical style composed of symphonic Black Metal. The synthesizers are used to add atmosphere, but not relied upon as in bands like D-emo Borgir or Satyr-emo.

Despite the loyal following that this band has received from 1996 to today, Ceremonial Castings remains an underground Black Metal band. They are even mentioned in my top 10 Black Metal Bands list.

They themselves name their music as Deathphonic Black Metal, which can be qualified as Symphonic Black Metal with a few Death Metal elements, notable in some albums.

During their evolution, Ceremonial Castings various their playing style quite a few times. In their first releases, the dominant musical atmosphere was more of a raw and blizzard-like Black Metal, in the style of bands like Frost Like Ashes, accompanied with some symphonic elements. While in their further releases, the band Ceremonial Castings showed some more structured and melodic song-writing abilities. Their last album to date, 1692 is one of the most experimental Black Metal masterpieces to date, combining some Symphonic Black Metal with Avant-Garde elements.


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